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10 Fantastic Egg Recipes For Any Time Of The Day

10 Fantastic Egg Recipes For Any Time Of The Day
10 Fantastic Egg Recipes For Any Time Of The Day Credit: MediaPartisans

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Eggs taste great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner – basically, they were made to be eaten any time of the day. But instead of resorting to the same old recipes you use day in and day out, it’s time to try something new. From omelets to deviled eggs to quiches, these 10 recipes will show you just how versatile and delicious a simple egg can be.

1. Bacon & Egg Hash Browns

Bored of seeing your hash browns, fried eggs, and bacon served the traditional way? Well, we’ve come up with a simple technique for presenting your favorite breakfast items like never before – just by stacking them on top of each other! Watch the video to find out how to prepare this new take on fried breakfasts. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

2. Breakfast Baked Potato Boat

Eggs and potatoes go together like, well… eggs and hash browns, eggs and tater tots, eggs and home fries… and so on, and so on. But you know the trouble with all those combinations? The poor potato is relegated to the role of side dish, and does it really deserve that? Finally, here’s a breakfast where the potato isn’t simply a supporting player – it’s the star! “What about me?” asks the usually limelight-stealing egg. Oh, we’ve got something special in mind for you, my friend. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

3. Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Egg

Let’s just all admit it, shall we? We do want to try them in a boat, with a goat, in a house, with a mouse… and so on and so forth! And no, we’re not off our rockers mad either. Because this is truly the tastiest combination to hit your breakfast plate since Canadian bacon met the English muffin. We’re talking about Green Eggs and Ham. Oh, come on. Do you honestly doubt the wisdom of Sam-I-Am? Get the full recipe & instructions here.

4. Breakfast Sandwich Casserole

Probably the most famous sandwich is served with tea in the English Royal household at 5 o’clock and consists of two slices of bread with butter, thin slices of cucumber and some salt. Much less royal, but all the more heavenly, is the giant sandwich we’ll be showing you how to make today! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

5. On-The-Go Omelet

As some of life’s most practical accessories, bags have definitely proven their worth. We use them to carry everything, from our new clothes, to our wallets and car keys, even our weekly groceries. But bags aren’t just ideal for carrying food. They can also be used as the main utensil for making a delicious meal. Where did you stash your freezer bags? You’re going to need them. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

6. Breakfast Bacon Taco

What do you get when you cross Mexican food design with a breakfast from your favorite diner? This next recipe sums it up. It’s got all the flavor of a bacon and eggs breakfast served up in the form of a taco. Eating on the run has never been easier! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

7. Spanish Tortilla

No time for a trip to Spain? No problem, since today we’re bringing Spain into your kitchen! This famous specialty from the popular sunshine destination tastes great and can be knocked out in no time at all. All you really need is a small high-sided ovenproof pan and then the magic can begin! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

8. Quiche Madame

Preparing a quiche usually takes a lot of work. However, this recipe for a “Quiche Madame” is so simple that everyone can now enjoy this French specialty in no time. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

9. Baked Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are the perfect hors d’oeuvre to serve before a meal, as well as a great snack food to bring along to any tailgate party, cookout, picnic, potluck, or casual get-together. The only annoying thing about them? All the peeling involved after you’ve boiled the eggs! You’ll love how easy this recipe makes your kitchen prep – say goodbye to boiling and peeling each and every single egg and wave hello to a nice and easy method that you can just pop right in the oven! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

10. Hearty Cauliflower Muffins

Blueberry, apple cinnamon, or chocolate — which one is your favorite? Whatever your preference, we love to wake up to the wonderful smell of oven-fresh muffins in the morning – the sweetness of the filling seems to combine perfectly with the wholesome doughy goodness. But have you ever wondered how savory muffins would taste? Well, you’re in for a treat: these muffins are a mouthwatering twist on a breakfast-time classic! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

Aren’t these recipes just egg-ordinary? With dishes like this to fall back on, you can definitely put all your eggs in one basket!