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8 Delicious Desserts With Your Favorite Candy Bars

8 Delicious Desserts With Your Favorite Candy Bars
8 Delicious Desserts With Your Favorite Candy Bars Credit: MediaPartisans

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No matter how old you are, there’s just something so comforting about a candy bar and its ability to transport you back to your childhood. Those little bars of chocolatey goodness always had a way of satisfying your sweet tooth, but why limit yourself to a fun-sized treat when you can treat yourself to an adult-sized dessert featuring your favorite candy bar? Whether you’re a Twix fan, Kit Kat lover, or Snickers enthusiast, we’ve got something for everyone!

1. Mini Kinder Chocolate Bar Cakes

There’s actually not much you can do to improve a chocolate cake. But we’re giving it a go by filling our delightful mini cakes with an indulgent liquid center and adding a layer of melt-in-your-mouth Kinder chocolate on top. We’re sure you’ll love it! Get the recipe & instructions here.

2. Candy Bar Cake

When it comes to candy bars, those of us with a sweet tooth have a common complaint: they’re simply too small! It’s just so hard break off a couple of pieces and save the rest for later — the whole lot has to go in one. With a faint aftertaste of chocolate lingering in our mouths, we’re admittedly left feeling slightly guilty for the sweet, dark sin we’ve just committed. Thankfully, we’ve come up with a solution to this “problem,” and prepared a cake that’s basically one giant candy bar. Get the recipe & instructions here.

3. Chocolate Hazelnut & Caramel Cake

Do you like chocolate? Hazelnuts? What about caramel? If you’re a fan of all three, then we have good news! With three layers of sponge cake and a super trio of flavors, our chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel cake really knocks it out of the park. Throw some cream and waffles into the mix and get ready for one of our most luxurious desserts yet! Get the recipe & instructions here.

4. Snickers Cake

Liza Minelli, Aretha Franklin, and Rowan Atkinson have all done it, and now it’s Elton John’s turn. That’s right – they have all done advertisements for one of the tastiest candy bars out there: the Snickers bar. And since the candy bar is so famous and delicious, why not devote an entire cake to it? Our recipe combines peanuts, caramel, and chocolate to create a luscious taste that’s oh, so satisfying. Get the recipe & instructions here.

5. Kinder Chocolate Bar Mousse Tart

Milk chocolate is great and white chocolate is great, but when you combine the two, it’s like heaven in your mouth. And that’s exactly what you’ll experience with this decadent mousse tart topped with melted Kinder chocolate bars. You’ll love this creamy treat that will instantly remind you of your childhood! Get the recipe & instructions here.

6. Giant Kinder Bueno Bar

There are probably days when you don’t want to pay attention to what you eat — you just want something sweet, and preferably a lot of it. On such days, this is the perfect dessert! So go ahead and treat yourself to this dreamy, creamy Nutella decadence that will melt in your mouth. Get the recipe & instructions here.

7. Twix Ice Cream Bar

What’s better than chocolate, ice cream, caramel, and cookie bits? We’ll wait why you try and come up with an answer that’s better than this delicious ice cream candy bar! Get the recipe & instructions here.

8. Kit Kat Brownie Cheesecake

What do raspberry passion fruit, wasabi, caramel macchiato, soy sauce, and ginger ale all have in common? They are all Kit Kat flavors in Japan. And there are nearly 300 other varieties of the famous candy bar, some more traditional, and some more bizarre. For the following dessert recipe, however, the regular milk chocolate version has been used, with the end result being good old-fashioned rich, chocolatey goodness. Is it a cheesecake, a brownie, or maybe just a giant candy bar? We’ll leave that up to you to decide! Get the recipe & instructions here.

Now that you’re finally the adult of the house, you get to eat as much candy as you want and no one will tell you that you’re going to spoil your dinner!