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6 Reinvented Chicken Dinners

6 Reinvented Chicken Dinners
6 Reinvented Chicken Dinners Credit: MediaPartisans

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Winner, winner, chicken dinner – but not if you keep making the same dish every single time! That’s boring, and the last thing that chicken should be is boring. To spice up your chicken routine in the kitchen, we’ve compiled 6 of our favorite chicken recipes that are worth showing off. Try something new and go through each of these 6 recipes – we dare you not to love them!

1. Drunken Chicken

When you order chicken with beer, you usually receive something to eat and something to drink. But that doesn’t always have to be the case, as this recipe proves. We’re bringing the two elements together to create a wonderfully tasty and unique meal. Bottoms up! Get the recipe for the Drunken Chicken.

Drunken Chicken

2. Chicken Cordon Bleu Pastry

The French term “cordon bleu” translates as “blue ribbon” in English and was once a byword for the best dishes from the best kitchens. The cordon bleu dish we know and love was invented sometime in Switzerland in the 1940s, and has proved itself to be a timeless classic which can still be adapted creatively for today’s ever-adventurous appetites! Get the recipe for the Chicken Cordon Bleu Pastry.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Pastry

3. Chicken Leg Pie

Bacon-wrapped drumsticks, which are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, are enough to make any meat lover’s heart skip a beat. And when those drumsticks are enveloped in a blanket of buttery, well-seasoned mashed potatoes and cushioned by a crispy toast crust on the bottom, you know dinner’s going to be finger-licking good! Get the recipe for the Chicken Leg Pie.

Chicken Leg Pie

4. Hasselback Paprika Fried Chicken

If your go-to fried chicken recipe is starting to feel a little stale, this dish is the perfect way to spice things up. Fresh chicken breasts coated in creamy yogurt, dipped in spicy chips, and spread out in a ring – this is the most flavorful chicken dish you’ll ever have! Get the recipe for the Hasselback Paprika Fried Chicken.

Hasselback Paprika Fried Chicken

5. Potato Cordon Bleu

Traditionally, cordon bleu consists of a breaded and fried veal or pork cutlet filled with cheese and ham. This potato cordon bleu, however, puts a spin on that tradition by using lean chicken breast coated in a potato crust. Not only does it taste great, it’s also quite the looker! Get the recipe for the Potato Cordon Bleu.

Potato Cordon Bleu

6. Spiked Fried Chicken

Are you in the mood for chicken? Well, bear with us for the following recipe, as the bird will need a few days of preparation. But the waiting will be more than worth it in the end — once you take your first bite of this beautifully breaded treat, you’ll be transported to fried chicken heaven. Colonel Sanders, eat your heart out! Get the recipe for the Spiked Fried Chicken.

Spiked Fried Chicken

Now that you have these 6 unique recipes in your arsenal, what are you waiting for? Don’t chicken out now!