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6 Next-Level Sandwiches

6 Next-Level Sandwiches
6 Next-Level Sandwiches Credit: MediaPartisans

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Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? Especially ones that are made in a sandwich press and come out all nice and hot, crispy on the outside with perfectly melted cheese oozing from the inside? While it’s true that a sandwich like that is fairly unbeatable, the actual gadget itself isn’t much to write home about. It’s bulky, it’s a uni-tasker that you can’t really use for any purpose other than making sandwiches, and the sandwiches all come out looking the same! So today, we’re showing you 6 new and exciting sandwich creations you can make without a sandwich press!

1. Bacon Omelet Grilled Cheese

If you’re starting your mornings with eggs and a side of toast, you’ve been doing it all wrong! This recipe will prove that eggs and toast are best eaten in one combined dish – in the form of a delicious and innovative breakfast sandwich! Get the recipe for the Bacon Omelet Grilled Cheese.

Bacon Omelet Grilled Cheese

2. Egg-In-A-Hole Breakfast Sandwich Tower

One of the things we do best and love most is the good old sandwich. Making a great sandwich is an art that shouldn’t be underestimated, and it’s important to constantly push the envelope and not just repeat the same old recipes. And since we love breakfast as much as we love sandwiches, we’re making a breakfast sandwich tower that takes the egg-in-a-hole classic to a whole new level. This masterpiece is sure to be the toast of the town! Get the recipe for the Egg-In-A-Hole Breakfast Sandwich Tower.

Egg-In-A-Hole Breakfast Sandwich Tower

3. Giant Breakfast Sandwich

Probably the most famous sandwich is served with tea in the English Royal household at 5 o’clock and consists of two slices of bread with butter, thin slices of cucumber, and some salt. Much less royal, but all the more heavenly, is this giant breakfast sandwich! Get the recipe for the Giant Breakfast Sandwich.

Giant Breakfast Sandwich

4. Grilled Cheese Crown

The humble grilled cheese is without a doubt the king of sandwiches. There is very little in this world that is more comforting or more beloved, but we feel that the grilled cheese might not get the care and attention it deserves, which is why we’ve decided to pay tribute to one of the great classics by jazzing it up just a little bit! Get the recipe for the Grilled Cheese Crown.

Grilled Cheese Crown

5. Sheet Pan Party Paninis

If you need to feed multiple people at once and everyone has their own idea of what tasty means, you’re definitely going to want to try this sheet pan recipe that will let you offer 4 different kinds of toasted paninis at the same time. And best of all, a one-pan meal means less dishes for you to wash after the party! Get the recipe for the Sheet Pan Party Paninis.

6. 3-In-1 Sandwich Platter

To be honest, we don’t even want to entertain the notion of a world without sandwiches in it. They’re easy to make, versatile, and you can customize them as much as you like. If your fave sandwich is a classic club, we’ve got you covered. If you’re into steak, don’t worry, because we’re serving steak sandwiches for dinner. And for all the cheese lovers, we’re also making a sandwich with camembert, caramelized apple rings, and cranberries. Name a more iconic trio! Get the recipe for the 3-In-1 Sandwich Platter.

These sandwiches prove once and for all that you don’t need a piece of fancy kitchen equipment like a sandwich maker to create delicious food! Which one are you going to try first?!