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7 Wacky Recipes With Waffle Cones

7 Wacky Recipes With Waffle Cones
7 Wacky Recipes With Waffle Cones Credit: MediaPartisans

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They’re brittle, sweet, crunchy, and cone-shaped – we’re talking about waffle cones, of course! Normally, ice cream cones are just seen as an accessory to ice cream, but waffle cones are way more versatile than you might think. Here are 7 of our favorite creative dessert ideas that bring waffle cones into the spotlight and put plain old ice cream to shame. All of these desserts taste sweet and delicious, there’s no waffling over that!

1. Triple Layer Funnel Cake

Oh funnel cake, how we love you! Usually, you can only get your hands on this sweet, fried delight at county or state fairs, but thanks to this recipe you’ll be able to make your own right at home! That being said, this isn’t your average funnel cake – this one is made up of 3 funnel cake layers covered with coconut cream and fresh mixed berries. The funnel we’re using is a waffle cone and it ends up right on top! Get the recipe for the Triple Layer Funnel Cake

Triple Layer Funnel Cake

2. Strawberry Choco Tacos

Everybody loves waffles and everybody loves tacos, so why not combine the 2?! Chocolate-dipped and stuffed with strawberry ice cream, these dessert tacos are not only the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, they’re also a great centerpiece or sweet treat for special occasions. Top these choco tacos with some hazelnuts, bite into all of that delicious crunch & cream, and call it a day! Get the recipe for the Strawberry Choco Tacos.

Strawberry Choco Tacos

3. Fanta Cake In A Cone

Fanta is one of those drinks that you might remember sipping on the boardwalk with your family as a kid or drinking as a sweet, refreshing treat after playing on the playground all day under the sun. It’s bubbly, citrusy, and it makes a surprisingly delicious base for a refreshing cake. We’re going full steam ahead on the nostalgia factor and serving up a simple Fanta cake straight in a waffle cone. Take one bite and you’ll feel like a kid again – giddy, excited, and all smiles! Get the recipe for the Fanta Cake In A Cone.

Fanta Cake In A Cone

4.–5. Cinnamon Buns & Sundae Cones

Remember when you were a kid and you heard the music from the ice cream truck coming down the street? The excitement used to flood in almost instantly, just knowing you were just about to dig into your favorite frozen treat. We’re about to recreate that feeling with some amazing, mouthwatering waffle cone dessert ideas: cinnamon buns made out of waffle cones and full-blown ice cream sundaes served in a cone. And yes, of course there’s a cherry on top! Get the recipe for the Cinnamon Buns & Sundae Cones.

Waffle Cone Cinnamon Buns & Sundae Cones

6. Lemon Meringue Pie Pops

Hold the press! We’ve found a recipe that combines all your favorite desserts into 1. It’s almost too good to be true – but here it is in all of its sweet, delicious glory. This lemon meringue pie pop combines tangy homemade lemon curd, cheesecake, and a Nutella-dipped waffle cone to make for an epic dessert. This sweet treat is truly one for the ages! Get the recipe for the Lemon Meringue Pie Pops.

Lemon Meringue Pie Pops

7. Waffle Cone Cake With Fresh Berries

By now we’ve shown you plenty of creative ways to use your waffle cones, but we saved one of our favorites for last. This stunning waffle cone cake looks as impressive as it tastes. Its chocolate-dipped waffle cone base is overflowing with creamy white chocolate mousse and topped off with a fresh assortment of berries. This might not look like your traditional cake, but you’ll be glad you experimented and went that extra mile when once you take the first bite! Get the recipe for the Waffle Cone Cake.

Waffle Cone Cake With Fresh Berries

These 7 delicious dessert recipes will add that little extra crunch you’ve been missing in your desserts. Ice cream sundae cones, dessert tacos, funnel cakes – maybe being a cone head is a good thing after all!