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7 Sweetly Scrumptious Jello Recipes

7 Sweetly Scrumptious Jello Recipes
7 Sweetly Scrumptious Jello Recipes Credit: MediaPartisans

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Fruity, chocolaty, or somewhere in between, jello is one dessert we can’t get enough of! We all grew up with it, and everyone is particular about their favorite flavor. But rather then get bogged down in another taste bud tussle, we want to show you how you can reinvent your childhood favorite to impress everyone at the dinner table with these 7 delicious jello desserts! Just make one of these, and you’ll see why jello isn’t just for kids. 

1. Yogurt Bubble Wrap Cheesecake

No-bake jello cake? Don’t mind if we do! This cake is colorful, super fun, and most importantly, really delicious. It just radiates joy in its purest form. Sure, this recipe is a little more intricate, but the results are so worth it. Forget about no-bake chocolate cake and explore new territory with this crazy creation using a secret weapon: bubble wrap! Get the recipe for the Yogurt Bubble Wrap Cheesecake.

Yogurt Bubble Wrap Cheesecake

2. Watermelon Dome Cake

We’re so excited that it’s finally watermelon season! To honor our favorite fruit, we’ve come up with the following recipe that’s not only a treat for the eye, but also the stomach. And it’s so much more than just watermelon. Together with the sweet watermelon jello center, you’ll also get to enjoy a rich chocolate shell and a fluffy cake base. Just one bite and you’ll be in heaven! Get the recipe for the Watermelon Dome Cake.

Watermelon Dome Cake

3. Gummy Bear Jello Cake

From the sweet candy to the animated series, gummy bears just evoke happy childhood memories. If you want to give your children the same warm and fuzzy feelings, nothing says “I love you!” like a gummy bear jello cake! But why stop there? Whether it’s a birthday cake for the little ones or a special weekend treat for yourself, kids and grown-ups love it so! Get the recipe for the Gummy Bear Jello Cake.

Gummy Bear Jello Cake

4. Chocolate Cherry Jello Bundt Cake

Chocolate pudding is a favorite childhood snack, and for good reason. But instead of eating it out of a cup or bowl, why not try it in a beautiful bundt cake form? And to make it even better, top it all off with fruity jello and fresh cherries for the ultimate dessert. The smooth combination is a real treat for the taste buds unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! Get the recipe for the Chocolate Cherry Jello Bundt Cake.

Chocolate Cherry Jello Bundt Cake

5. Strawberry Jello Heart Roll

Is there someone in your life who you love with all your heart? Then maybe it’s time to say thank you with a gift that you pour your love into – one that will be appreciated immensely and create a moment that will be remembered for a long, long time to come. This recipe will help you make such a gift, a dessert that’s literally filled with love! Get the recipe for the Strawberry Jello Heart Roll.

Strawberry Jello Heart Roll

6. Triple Layer Raspberry Jello Cake

Everybody loves jello! After all, what’s not to like about the favorite lunchtime dessert and after-school snack that you remember so fondly from your childhood? That’s right — everything about it is simply fantastic, which is why we decided to make it the feature ingredient of this treat that’s good enough to rival the beloved strawberry shortcake. This delicious and wobbly temptation is truly fit for a king. Get the recipe for the Triple Layer Raspberry Jello Cake.

Triple Layer Raspberry Jello Cake

7. Rainbow Jello Cake

Doesn’t jello just take you back to your childhood? Jello cups were the perfect way to wind down the lunch period, and if you were lucky, sometimes you even had homemade jello waiting for you as an after-school snack. Give your kids the same sweet memories by conjuring up this fun, creative, and tasty jello cake with every color of the rainbow! Get the recipe for the Rainbow Jello Cake.

Rainbow Jello Cake

If all the adults out there thought they would never want to eat jello again, just try one of these recipes and you’ll be hooked all over again. One thing’s for sure — jello isn’t just for kids anymore!