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7 Homemade Burgers That Are Better Than Takeout

7 Homemade Burgers That Are Better Than Takeout
7 Homemade Burgers That Are Better Than Takeout Credit: MediaPartisans

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If you’re jonesing for a juicy, flavorful burger, the options are endless. But you know what kind of burger doesn’t get the love and respect it truly deserves? The homemade burger! That’s right, making burgers at home can turn out to be one of the best things you could do for yourself. Plus, you get to save on gas, and those fast food burgers often aren’t really worth the calories. At home, you can really try out different ideas and let your taste buds guide you, starting with these 7 crazy delicious burger recipes!

1. French Fry Burger

You’ve almost certainly seen and eaten a fair few burgers in your life. But have the sides ever been hidden inside the meat? Or been used as a wrapping for the beef itself? The appearance of our French Fry Burger is unique — which makes it uniquely delicious too! Get the recipe for the French Fry Burger.

French Fry Burger

2. Chicago-Style Hot Dog Burger

The Windy City may be best known for its deep-dish pizza, but the Chicago-style hot dog isn’t too far behind. But if there’s one thing the beloved dog is missing, it’s the other American classic: the hamburger. That’s where we come in! You no longer need to choose which option you want for dinner, because we’ve combined them into one mouthwatering recipe! Get the recipe for the Chicago-Style Hot Dog Burger.

Chicago-Style Hot Dog Burger

3. Jalapeño Turkey Burger

Anyone who’s ever attempted a turkey burger recipe knows that preparing a tasty meat patty has little to do with the kinds of burger you can pick up at fast food joints. Lovingly creating a hand-crafted burger — ideally with a homemade bun — means taking your time. This is only fast food in the sense that it takes no time to eat it — it tastes that good! Get the recipe for the Jalapeño Turkey Burger.

Jalapeño Turkey Burger

4.–5. Gluten-Free Burgers

Hamburgers are so popular now that you can even find vegan and dessert versions. And while we love a good burger, we love a good bun even more and wanted to test the theory of whether the bun makes the burger. We think the answer here is pretty clear, but go ahead and see for yourself! Get the recipes for the Cauliflower Burger & Plantain Burger.

Gluten-Free Burgers

6. Stroganoff Burger

Is it a burger, a casserole, or a newly defined type of beef stroganoff? Why not all of the above? After all, creating great food is all about reinventing the classics. Prepare to be amazed by all the delicious feels that this 3-in-one dish has in store for you! Get the recipe for the Stroganoff Burger.

Stroganoff Burger

7. Cheese Bun Burger

Everybody loves bacon on a cheeseburger, but it’s almost always the same order: bacon on top of cheese, on top of the patty. It works sure, but why not change it up a little? We’ve come up with this delicious and creative take on the classic diner dish, with a bacon-wrapped burger sandwiched between two buns that are hiding an ooey-gooey cheese secret! Get the recipe for the Cheese Bun Burger.

Cheese Bun Burger

It’s official: those fast food takeout menus got nothing on these burgers! Time to get in the kitchen and cook up some burgers, folks!