In This Unusual Burger, You'll Find Fries And Cheddar Cheese Both Inside And Outside!

You've almost certainly seen and eaten a fair few burgers in your life. But have the sides ever been hidden inside the meat? Or been used as a wrapping for the meat itself? The appearance of our Inside Out Burger is unique — which makes it uniquely delicious too!

You'll need (for 2 burgers):

  • 17½ oz ground beef
  • 1 tsp garlic
  • salt, pepper
  • 4 small, square cheddar cheese slices
  • oil for frying
  • 10 individual French fries
  • 2 tbsp ketchup
  • 26½ oz French fries
  • 15¾ oz grated cheddar
  • oil for deep frying

Here's how:

1. First, add the garlic, salt and pepper to the ground beef and mix everything thoroughly, ideally with your hands. Now form four equal-sized meat patties and place a slice of cheese on two of them.

2. Then fry 10 French fries in a pan in some oil. Arrange five on top of each slice of cheese. Add a tablespoon of ketchup on top of the fries, then another slice of cheese on top of that for the final layer.

3. Take the two empty patties and place them over the others to make four burgers into two: first close them up round the edges so none of the filling can escape, then form them into an even burger with your hands.

Fry the filled burgers in plenty of oil until they are golden brown.

4. Now for the special step: mix the French fries with the grated cheese in a large, heat-proof bowl. Heat the whole thing in microwave for six minutes at 800 Watts.

5. Take about a quarter of the cheesy fries and press them into a circle with your hands. Place this over one of the burgers. Repeat this step for the second burger.

Turn both of them over so the fries-and-cheese covers are now underneath them. Form two more covers from the rest of the mixture and lay them over both burgers.

As with the meat, press the edges of the French fries and cheese covers together, and again, use your hands to shape them into an even, slighty flattened ball. 

6. Finally, deep fry both burgers for three minutes in holt oil at 340°F.

Fast food chains should take inspiration from this: it's not just a cheeseburger, but a much more creative variation. And it has one big advantage — you don't have to order any side dishes with it, because everything you would already eat with it is already inside.


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