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6 Choice Cauliflower Recipes

6 Choice Cauliflower Recipes
6 Choice Cauliflower Recipes Credit: MediaPartisans

One of the most delicious, yet underutilized vegetables out there is the cauliflower. Sure, cauliflower enjoyed its 5 minutes of fame when people started going crazy for cauliflower rice, but aside from that short phase of stardom, cauliflower is mainly just used as a side dish or gets thrown into a curry or a soup. But the cauliflower’s stand-out flavor and unique texture make it an amazing main ingredient for a whole range of dishes! These 5 creative cauliflower recipes will show you ways to use cauliflower that you’ve probably never even thought of before. It’s time to let cauliflower really blossom!  

1. Stuffed Cauliflower Baked With Cheesy Bacon Mashed Potatoes

Do you want to brighten someone’s day or really make their face light up? Then this cauliflower dish is just what you’re looking for! Stuffed with a ground beef filling and surrounded by rays of cheesy bacon mashed potatoes, this stuffed cauliflower sun will be the most radiant thing you eat all week. Get the recipe for the Stuffed Cauliflower.

Stuffed Cauliflower Baked With Cheesy Bacon Mashed Potatoes

2. Cauliflower Crust Pizza Topped With Fresh Veggies

If you’re trying out the keto diet or are just trying to eat less carbs, then you know how hard it is to give up bread. Sure, there are plenty of tasty options and alternatives out there, but what about pizza? That’s just one thing that no one can live without. But now you can have your pizza and eat it too, thanks to this delicious low-carb option that swaps traditional wheat crust for a cauliflower one! Get the recipe for the Cauliflower Crust Pizza.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza Topped With Fresh Veggies

3. Bacon-Wrapped, Cauliflower-Stuffed Meatballs

Cauliflower is a total superstar when it comes to all the popular diets, as well as for trying to eat more low-carb and low-fat meals. And that’s because cauliflower is not only delicious and versatile, but it also makes the perfect substitute for starchy ingredients like rice, bread, and potatoes. Throw that together with bacon, meatballs, and a creamy cheese sauce, and you’ve got yourself quite the dish! Get the recipe for the Cauliflower-Stuffed Meatballs.

Bacon-Wrapped, Cauliflower-Stuffed Meatballs

4. Cauliflower Roulade With Goat Cheese & Beef Strips

Everyone loves a good roulade. A tasty exterior that encases all of your favorite fillings into 1 sliceable dish – it’s the perfect, convenient way to serve a meal. This delicious cauliflower roulade takes things a step further and wraps up some choice ingredients like goat cheese and seared beef strips into a cheesy, satisfying dinnertime treat. Low on carbs and high in quality, this tasty cauliflower roll up checks all the boxes. Who knew something this healthy could taste so good?! Get the recipe for the Cauliflower Roulade.

Cauliflower Roulade With Goat Cheese & Beef Strips

5.6. Cauliflower Schnitzel & Cauliflower Soup

There are many good reasons to prepare more of your meals using cauliflower. It’s certainly one of the healthiest of all vegetables, jam-packed with vitamins and minerals, but the the best thing about cauliflower is everything you can do with it. This delicious fried cauliflower schnitzel and dreamy, creamy cauliflower soup are some of the most innovate and delicious ways to use this powerhouse of a vegetable! Get the recipe for the Cauliflower Schnitzel & Cauliflower Soup.

Cauliflower Schnitzel & Cauliflower Soup

Whether you’re looking for healthy low-carb alternatives for some of your favorite meals, are trying to spice up your go-to keto dishes, or you just love all of the delicious ways to eat cauliflower, these recipes prove that this is one vegetable that doesn’t shouldn’t be kept on the sidelines.