15 Cool Ice Cream Desserts That Will Have You Chilling In No Time

I scream, you scream, we all scream for easy ice cream recipes!

1.–4. Exceptional Ice Cream Treats

What can we say about ice cream that hasn't been said before? Everyone loves it, and it's probably one of the few things out there that everyone can agree on. But you don't always have to run to the ice cream parlor whenever the mood strikes – you can actually make some of the most delicious treats imaginable right at home! Check out these 4 exceptional ice cream recipes featuring the ice cream dishes of your dreams! Get the recipes for the 4 Exceptional Ice Cream Treats.

4 Exceptional Ice Cream Treats

5. Homemade Ice Cream Bars

If there were ever 2 things that make seemingly no sense together, it would have to be an empty Pringles can and ice cream. But the thing is, they actually make a great team because the empty can is the perfect utensil for making your own homemade ice cream bars! All you need is a few of your favorite ice cream flavors, like vanilla, chocolate, and pistachio, popsicle sticks, and that empty Pringles can. If you're still struggling to comprehend how in the world this is supposed to work, check out this recipe! Get the recipe for the Homemade Ice Cream Bars.

Homemade Ice Cream Bars

6.–7. Fried Ice Cream Bombs & Mini Choco Tacos

There's nothing quite like a classic ice cream sandwich or a delicious sundae after a hard day's work, and believe it or not, there are tons of new ways to serve ice cream, each one as fun and yummy as the last. These recipes for incredible, inventive ice cream desserts will show you how to mix things up and eat ice cream in ways you've never even thought of before – it looks like ice cream just got a whole lot cooler! Get the recipes for the Fried Ice Cream Bombs & Mini Choco Tacos.

Fried Ice Cream Bombs & Mini Choco Tacos

8.–15. Loaded Ice Cream Rolls

These are tons of delicious ways to serve ice cream, but we fell in love with a new style: the ice cream roll. When you order it from an ice cream parlor, it might look like some strange culinary magic the way it's chopped, rolled up, and  served, but the technique is actually easy enough for you to do at home. And the best part about making ice cream rolls yourself is that you can customize your own flavors and toppings! Get the recipes for the 8 Loaded Ice Cream Rolls.

8 Loaded Ice Cream Rolls


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