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8 Refreshing Watermelon Recipes

8 Refreshing Watermelon Recipes
8 Refreshing Watermelon Recipes Credit: MediaPartisans

Warm weather, sun, and freshly sliced watermelon – that’s the perfect combination for summer if you ask us! Watermelon is one of the summer’s sweetest treats, and although we love to eat it all on its own, we also love getting creative! Our 8 favorite watermelon-based recipes will show you some new ways to put this delicious, juicy fruit on the menu in inventive ways. From sweet watermelon popsicles to stunning watermelon cakes, these recipes will help you celebrate the summer season while staying cool and refreshed!

1.–4. Refreshing Watermelon Treats

Watermelon is sweet, fruity, and tastes especially refreshing in the summer. But a plain old slice of watermelon can get a little boring after a while. These 4 tips, tricks, and recipes will change all that and help you enjoy this delicious fruit in a whole new way! From refreshing watermelon sorbet to a stunning fruity jello slice, these ideas will change the way you serve watermelon from here on out! Get the recipe for the Refreshing Watermelon Treats.

Refreshing Watermelon Treats

5. Chocolate-Coated Watermelon Jello Cake

We’re oh so excited that we’re still right in the middle of watermelon season! To honor our favorite fruit, we’ve come up with a recipe that’s not only a treat for the eyes, but also for the stomach. It’s so much more than plain old watermelon. This cake’s sweet watermelon jello core is surrounded by a rich chocolate shell and a layer of light, fluffy cake. Just one bite and you’ll never go back to plain watermelon again! Get the recipe for the Watermelon Jello Cake.

Chocolate-Coated Watermelon Jello Cake

6. Watermelon Soft Serve

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than a delicious, ice-cold watermelon. But as hard as it may be to believe, you can actually up the ante – all it takes is this watermelon filled with soft, creamy, homemade watermelon-flavored ice cream. The result is not only refreshing and delicious, it also looks like it’s straight out of a culinary magazine! Get the recipe for the  Watermelon Soft Serve.

Watermelon Soft Serve

7. Brownie Cheesecake Filled With Watermelon & Strawberries 

Watermelon in a cheesecake? Are we crazy, you ask? Well, maybe a little… but that doesn’t stop this unconventional cheesecake from being as delicious as can be! With its rich brownie base and fruity watermelon & fresh strawberry core, this is one cheesecake you’ve got to try. We guarantee you’ll want to make it again and again! Get the recipe for the Fruity Brownie Cheesecake.

Brownie Cheesecake Filled With Watermelon & Strawberries

8. Melon-Stuffed No-Bake Cake

No-bake cakes are hard to come by, and gluten-free desserts are even rarer, but this melon extravaganza manages to fit into both categories! It makes for a fresh summer treat, and is probably the lightest cake in the world. It’s stuffed with 3 different types of melons and has a juicy watermelon core. Satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthier way and give this easy no-bake cake a try! Get the recipe for the Melon-Stuffed No-Bake Cake.

Melon-Stuffed No-Bake Cake

Ok, we all knew watermelon was delicious, but who knew it could be served in so many groundbreaking ways?! Each and every recipe tastes delicious and looks as adorable as the fruit that inspired it. These recipes are so amazing, they’ll make you lose your rind!