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8 Creative Cakes You’ll Love

8 Creative Cakes You’ll Love
8 Creative Cakes You’ll Love Credit: MediaPartisans

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Do you have a special occasion coming up and really want to wow your guests with a stunning cake? Go ahead and knock their socks off with one of these 8 colorful creations! They’re especially ideal for kids’ birthday parties as edible proof of your love. It’s time to get inspired!

1. Unicorn Cheesecake

These days it’s hard to avoid the “unicorn trend.” Everywhere you look, those smiling magical creatures are prancing their way on to products of all kinds. So it was only a matter of time before they ended up in your kitchen too! It’s time to get out the magic wand and take a trip into fantasy land — let’s bake a unicorn cheesecake! Get the full recipe here.

2. Leopard Cheesecake

Animal motifs are great for children’s parties, especially when it comes to the birthday cake. But instead of doing the usual butterfly or teddy bear cake, why not try something a bit more exotic? After all, the cakes with animal prints are experiencing an evolution of their own. This leopard cake, for example, is a whole new kind of eye candy, not to mention a real culinary delight. Get the full recipe here.

3. Watermelon Cake

Maybe it feels like you’ve had your fill of watermelon after stuffing your face all summer, or maybe you want something a bit more indulgent. But there’s no denying you still want to savor the taste of this delicious fruit, no matter the season. Whatever the reason, you will love this watermelon-flavored cake that actually looks like a slice of watermelon — what could possibly be sweeter? Get the full recipe here.

4. Circus Cheesecake

Most people have a fixed idea in their head of what a cheesecake looks like: round and yellow. But for a long time now, this classic dessert has so many devotees that it’s made an appearance in all different shapes, colors, and variations. Our recipe, at least visually, is something of a departure from the norm, and it tastes even better! Get the full recipe here.

5. Rainbow Crepe Cake

Crêpes were invented in the region of Brittany in western France. These thin light pancakes were originally made of buckwheat and were made using special pans as well as crêpe spreaders. What would the Bretons think of this modification to their favorite dish? We assume they’d be just as excited as we are by the creativity, the explosion of color, and the taste of this dessert, our latest creation. Get the full recipe here.

6. Raspberry Gift Cake

Summer’s not over yet! Well, actually it is, but you can certainly make it feel like it’s still summer. One bite of this fresh raspberry cake, and you’ll instantly be transported back to those warm summer days spent basking in the sun and enjoying sweet seasonal fruits. The calendar may say winter, but your tastebuds will say summer! Get the full recipe here.

7. Bumblebee Cake

Ideally, a cake should not only taste good, but it should also be pretty. Since most cakes always end up looking the same, it’s time for a little change!  This honey bee cake tastes chocolaty fresh and is also a bright yellow eye-catcher with cute details that will delight the young and old alike. Get the full recipe here.

8. Rainbow Cheesecake

This colorful recipe is tailor-made for anyone out there wondering what you can find at the end of a rainbow. While there won’t be any pots of gold, you’re sure to be in for quite a magical treat! While the decorations can’t be used for payment or investments, they do have some advantages over gold — especially when it comes to taste. Get the full recipe here.

The little ones will especially love these decorative treats. But don’t worry – the delicious desserts will also draw in the adults!