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6 Spectacular Dishes With Spinach

6 Spectacular Dishes With Spinach
6 Spectacular Dishes With Spinach Credit: MediaPartisans

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1. Eggs Florentine Dome

You’ve probably had all the usual types of breakfast eggs — like scrambled eggs, fried eggs, and hard-boiled eggs — but what about eggs Benedict with spinach and hollandaise sauce? There’s a first time for everything, so see how to easily prepare this eggstraordinary dish! Get the recipe for the Eggs Florentine Dome.

Eggs Florentine Dome

2. Puff Pastry Tulips

If you’re anything like us, then you probably also subscribe to the belief that the best way to start your day and the best way to end your day is one and the same: with a decadent pastry. But there’s no need to spend a fortune at the bakery to make this dream a reality – instead, you can make delicious next-level pastries from the comfort of your very own kitchen! Get the recipe for the Puff Pastry Tulips.

Puff Pastry Tulips

3. Scalloped Potato Roll

Potatoes make the perfect side dish, and while it’s always nice to have the classics to fall back on, sometimes you just want to try something new and exciting. That’s where this stuffed scalloped potato roll with a mouthwatering spinach layer comes in! Get the recipe for the Scalloped Potato Roll.

Scalloped Potato Roll

4. Spinach Ricotta Pastry Swirl

The sun is starting to rise later and go to bed earlier, meaning it’s the perfect time of year for some comfort food. If you’re looking for something sunny that will bring a smile to your face and leave your tummy full, let the sunshine in with our tasty appetizer! This spinach ricotta pastry swirl will warm your heart and make the coming chilly months so much easier. Get the recipe for the Spinach Ricotta Pastry Swirl.

Spinach Ricotta Pastry Swirl

5. Salmon Spinach Roll

Do you enjoy your potatoes with a side of spinach? If you like the classics but want to try something new, go ahead and throw some salmon into the mix!  The following recipe not only reinvents the traditional 2-piece combo, but it also manages to bring everything together in a really decorative way that will look great on both the humble kitchen counter or the fancy dining room table. Get the recipe for the Salmon Spinach Roll.

Salmon Spinach Roll

6. Macaroni Spinach Tart

According to Michelin star chefs and experienced home cooks alike, the secret of good Italian dishes is esagera — put more of everything in — and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this recipe! Get the recipe for the Macaroni Spinach Tart.

Macaroni Spinach Tart