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6 Tasty Treats For Christmas

6 Tasty Treats For Christmas
6 Tasty Treats For Christmas Credit: MediaPartisans

Are you looking forward to Christmas as much as we are? The holiday season is the time of year for all of your favorite comfort foods, as well as for feeling cozy and festive. There’s always time to start working out and eating healthy again once January rolls around, but everyone knows that the holidays are the time for indulging! What would Christmas be without chocolates, cookies for Santa, gingerbread houses, and candy canes? But the desserts don’t have to stop there! These 6 tasty treats for Christmastime will blow you away with how adorable, festive, and delicious they are. Celebrate the holidays right and give them a try!

1. Frosty The Chocolate Snowman

Who’s ready to build a snowman?! There’s nothing more exciting to kids than snow, and building a snowman this time of year is an absolute must. Unfortunately, snowmen have to stay outside, which is kind of a bummer. If you want to bring some of that snowy fun into your home, why not try this recipe for an adorably delicious chocolate snowman? And we promise there won’t be any puddles of melted snow – the only water you’ll find is the drool coming out of your mouth at the sight of so much chocolate! Get the recipe for Frosty The Chocolate Snowman.

Frosty The Chocolate Snowman

2. Amazing Christmas Market Treats

Although Christmas markets started all the way in Europe, they’ve been gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years. Sizzling brats, crispy fried donuts, aromatic mulled wine… what’s not to love? But even if you can’t make it to a Christmas market this year, that doesn’t mean you should have to go without. With our 4 recipes for Christmas market classics, you can enjoy all the goodies from the comfort of your very own home and have yourself a merry little European Christmas feast! Get the recipes for the Christmas Market Treats.

Amazing Christmas Market Treats

3.4. Homemade Christmas Chocolate Bars

Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without chocolate. There are plenty of options for holiday-themed sweets you can buy in the grocery store, but they tend to be overpriced, plus they never taste as delicious as you think they will. These homemade Christmas chocolate bars are here to save the day! Not only are they easy to make, they look even more adorable than your standard pre-made Christmas treats. You can even pick and choose which ingredients you want to use to make them as delicious as can be. Forget decorating Christmas cookies, these chocolate bars are the way to go this year! Get the recipe for the Christmas Chocolate Bars.

Homemade Christmas Chocolate Bars

5. Chocolate Christmas Ornaments

Now that you have your Christmas tree up and decorated, you’re going to want to hang these beautiful Christmas ornaments on it. Careful, though: the ornaments we’re talking about might look like the real thing, but they’re completely edible. Filled with smooth, creamy mousse, these chocolate balls look beautiful and are fully functioning Christmas tree ornaments. Unlike your other Christmas decorations, though, you’re going to want to eat them right up! Get the recipe for the Chocolate Christmas Ornaments.

Chocolate Christmas Ornaments

6. Zebra Christmas Cake

Want to amaze your guests this Christmas with a true showstopper of a dessert? Look no further than this festive red and green cake! A peaceful winter scene, complete with a whole field of brightly decorated Christmas trees on top of a delectable cake – it’s the perfect dessert for you to try out this holiday season! Get the recipe for the Zebra Christmas Cake.

Zebra Christmas Cake

You’re sure to love each and every one of these Christmas treats. Bring them along to your next Christmas party or eat them with your family at home. What amazing ways to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!