5 Epic Stuffed Meatloaf Recipes

Every family has a traditional meatloaf recipe they've held on to over the years, but when it's made exactly the same way over and over again it can start to get a little bit old. That's absolutely not meatloaf's fault  it's just hard to mess with tradition sometimes! To help you mix things up for you and your loved ones, we're brining you 5 epic stuffed meatloaf recipes. Each new kind of loaf is sure to satisfy the whole family while still keeping those precious childhood memories intact. You should absolutely keep making Mom's delicious recipe, just add a few more options to your family cookbook! 

1. Long Egg-Stuffed Meatloaf

Meatloaf is a divisive dish. Some love it, some hate it, and to some it's just a faint childhood memory. Whatever way you slice it, it's an American classic that no family can do without! Of course, even classics need a tune-up every once in a while, which is where this recipe comes in. This meatloaf is unlike anything you've seen or tasted before. It's stuffed with long eggs, ham, and cheese to make for the most mouthwatering and flavorful comfort food. Get the recipe for the Long Egg-Stuffed Meatloaf.

Long Egg-Stuffed Meatloaf

2. Lasagna Meatloaf

Family dinners can get complicated – everyone needs their fill, but preferences don't always line up. Maybe your partner is a meatloaf fan, but the kids always want a big plate of lasagna. And that's not even taking your own taste into consideration! We've come up with the perfect solution to this age-old problem with this recipe for a lasagna meatloaf. It's the perfect hybrid between 2 of the mightiest of comfort foods, so in the end everyone's happy! Get the recipe for the Lasagna Meatloaf.

Lasagna Meatloaf

3. Meatloaf Stuffed With Ham, Cheese & Eggs

Meatloaf just might be one of the most nostalgic dishes out there. Unfortunately, most of us don't really allow ourselves the simple pleasure of loafing it up much anymore. But we would do anything for meatloaf! So we worked hard to develop a recipe that takes the classic meatloaf and brings it into the 21st century. Filled with ham, cheese, garlic & herb cream cheese, and eggs, this ain't your mama's meatloaf, folks! Get the recipe for the Meatloaf Stuffed With Ham, Cheese & Eggs

Meatloaf Stuffed With Ham, Cheese & Eggs

4. Stuffed Meatloaf Baked In Bread

Most of the ways we've chosen to improve upon traditional meatloaf have involved stuffing it with delicious fillings. That's a great start, but let's take our loaves one step further. We're baking this stuffed meatloaf directly into a loaf of fresh bread to lock in the flavor and bring in even more layers of comfort. After all, everyone likes toasted bread and cheese, so just imagine how much they'll like it once you slice up the loaf and show them what's inside! Get the recipe for the Stuffed Meatloaf Baked In Bread.

Stuffed Meatloaf Baked In Bread

5. Smoked Meatloaf In A Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce

Barbecuing is a great way to prepare delicious food while you get to enjoy some fresh air. But instead of the classics like hot dogs, hamburgers, shish kabobs, and steak, why not opt for a dish that usually doesn't even step foot outside? All you need is a grilling plank, ground beef, mini cheese wheels, a few choice spices, and some good ol' American whiskey to whip up a family favorite that tastes even better grilled! Get the recipe for the Smoked Meatloaf In A Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce

Smoked Meatloaf In A Jack Daniel's BBQ Sauce

If these 5 meatloaf recipes don't get you to break with tradition, we don't know what will. We have absolute respect your mom and her delicious home cooking, but give a few of these a try and start making your own traditions!


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