4 Razzle-Dazzle Raspberry Desserts

Move over strawberry, because there's a new favorite berry in town! Raspberries don't get nearly the kind of credit they deserve, but that's all about to change thanks to these 4 berry delicious raspberry desserts. 

1. Raspberry Layer Cake

Here's a little secret for you: an empty juice carton can actually work wonders in the kitchen. Not quite convinced? Then check out this recipe where we're using it as a baking pan to stack up layers of light sponge cake, a dreamy raspberry mousse, tart raspberry jam, and a final layer of raspberry jello. Garnish the finished product with some fresh raspberries and a few mint sprigs and you're ready to serve everyone's new favorite dessert! Get the recipe for the Raspberry Layer Cake.

Raspberry Layer Cake

2. Mini Raspberry Mousse Cakes

The weather is getting warmer, which means it's time for fruity desserts! After all, even ice cream has its limits. This layered dream treat has everything a light dessert could possibly have to offer: healthy fruit, decadent white chocolate, and an airy mousse with just a hint of creamy yogurt. Spring never tasted so good! Get the recipe for the Mini Raspberry Mousse Cakes.

Mini Raspberry Mousse Cakes

3. Raspberry Cake Roll

There are few things better than ending a meal with a nice slice of cake roll. The sponge cake is so light and fluffy, it almost feels like you're chewing on a delicious cloud. Then there's the cream filling which adds a luxurious velvety texture, not to mention the fruity jam that provides a nice tart contrast to the rich cream. For this particular recipe, we used our favorite berry to both decorate the outside of the cake roll, as well as to create a homemade raspberry jam for the inside! Get the recipe for the Raspberry Cake Roll.

Raspberry Cake Roll

4. Raspberry Dome Cake

We're going to let you in on a big secret: Raspberries make an amazing main ingredient for cake! When you combine their sweet, yet tart fruity flavor with smooth, creamy frosting and a rich, moist cake base, the result is a dessert unlike anything you've ever tried before. We're so excited about raspberries making their big debut that we designed this cake to look like one on the outside too! Give this raspberry cake a try – you'll be berry glad that you did! Get the recipe for the Raspberry Dome Cake.

Raspberry Dome Cake

These 4 raspberry recipes are a real treat for the eyes, but they taste even better than they look. After all, raspberries make any dessert a super sensation!



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