4 Delicious Quiche Recipes

Quiche is the savory answer to a delicious cake. This French specialty has managed to find its way onto the menus of cafes and bistros the world over. In fact, there are so many varieties, it'd probably take you two lifetimes to try them all! There's no harm in trying though, so why not start off with the following recipes we've compiled for you today?

1. Potato & Bacon Quiche

Click on the link to see how to make our tasty Potato & Bacon Quiche.

2. Crinkle Fry Pie

See how to make this inventive quiche by following the recipe here.

3. Bagel Quiche

If you like the look of the Bagel Quiche, you can find the recipe here.

4. White Bread Quiche

If you're looking for an easy recipe, we recommend giving our White Bread Quiche a try.

Quiches are probably so popular because they're easy to make and you can get super creative with the ingredients. Perfect for family meals or a picnic in a park, this dish is also a great way to put a smile on someone's face. So which one is your favorite?


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