5 croquette recipes for the perfect snack

While many people think croquettes are just little sticks of fried potato puree, you can actually use a whole host of other interesting ingredients in these tasty snacks. Different countries have developed their own ways of preparing this fried delight — here are just a few you can try for yourself...

1. Rice & Cheese Croquettes

You can find the recipe for Rice & Cheese Croquettes here. 

2. Stuffed Mini Cannelloni

Click here to find out how to make Stuffed Mini Cannelloni.

3. Golden Zucchini Bites

Here's how to make our Golden Zucchini Bites

4. Chicken & Cheese Balls

This is how to make our delicious Chicken & Cheese Balls.

5. Hot Dog Croquettes

Here's our recipe for Hot Dog Croquettes.

Who said croquettes are boring? These wonderful bite-sized delights always hide something special inside. Just bite in and find out for yourself!


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