4 Refreshing Desserts With Fruit

Fruit is the perfect ingredient to really bring home your favorite desserts. Naturally sweet and healthy, fresh fruit tastes great in pies, pastries, cakes, or even all on its own (well, for those with a real sweet tooth, maybe at least topped with some whipped cream)! Whatever your favorite fruity desserts are, we have some more sweet ideas to add to your list. Stunning, refreshing, and mouth-wateringly delicious, these 4 fantastic fruity dessert recipes are beyond delicious!

1. Layered Fruit Flower Cake

Is there such a thing as too many cake recipes? In our humble opinion, the answer's going to be an emphatic no! And because we love cake so much, we've come up with a recipe that combines all of our favorite cake elements: moist sponge cake layers, rich white chocolate cream, and refreshing kiwi, strawberry, and orange slices. And this cake doesn't exactly disappoint in the looks department, either – strategically placed fruit that looks like flowers turn this sweet treat into a truly unique dessert! Get the recipe for the Fruit Flower Cake.

Layered Fruit Flower Cake

2. Puff Pastry Basket Filled With Fresh Fruit & Mascarpone Cream

If you're a fan of Michael Scott and The Office, you'll know that a gift basket is the ultimate sign of respect. They're usually a cute plaited basket that's filled to the brim with delicious fruit, but what if you gave someone a gift basket that was edible? A basket filled with delicious mascarpone cream and fresh fruit, where you could eat the basket itself? Incredible, but true! Get the recipe for the Stuffed Puff Pastry Basket.

Puff Pastry Basket Filled With Fresh Fruit & Mascarpone Cream

3. Mixed Berry Cake With A Cookie Crust

There are so many different kinds of cake to choose from in the world, it's hard to decide which one to bake. Well, this cake recipe is about to make your decision way easier. Our delicious cake filled with mixed berries is not just a looker, it also tastes divine and is super easy to make. Stick 5 glasses in your cake and watch what happens – we promise the outcome will be berry, berry delicious. Need we say more?! Get the recipe for the Mixed Berry Cake.

Mixed Berry Cake With A Cookie Crust

4. Star Fruit & Kiwi Dome Cake

If you like tropical fruits and you want a dessert that will really wow anyone you serve it to, then this star fruit & kiwi cake is for you. Between its delicious yogurt cream, fresh fruit toppings, and a fluffy sponge cake base, you just can't go wrong. It's a true star of a dessert! Get the recipe for the Star Fruit & Kiwi Dome Cake.

Star Fruit & Kiwi Dome Cake

From an edible fruit basket to a beautiful fruity dome cake, each of these 5 desserts is a dream come true. The next time a dessert craving hits, these fruit dessert recipes have definitely got you covered!


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