4 Cool Carrot Cakes

The first time people hear about carrot cake, it might take a little convincing to get them to give it a try. But once they sink their teeth into that first moist, flavorful bite, the rest tends to be history. Traditional carrot cake is an all-time favorite of many, between its delicately spiced flavor, rich consistency, and creamy cream cheese frosting. But that's only the beginning of the story. Carrot cake can be so much more than your typical, everyday café fare. These 4 inventive recipes bring the carrot cake into new and exciting territory. From a tiger-themed striped carrot cake to a deliciously elegant apple & carrot cake, these recipes will show you just how far the carrot cake can go! 

1. Brazilian Chocolate Carrot Cake

Brazil is known all over the world for its carnivals, rainforest, and soccer players. But Brazilian baked goods are no less impressive! This traditional Brazilian carrot cake is loaded up with a delicious molten dark chocolate filling, plenty of chocolate glaze, and it even has chocolate sprinkles on top. This is one carrot cake you won't want to miss out on! Get the recipe for the Brazilian Chocolate Carrot Cake.

Brazilian Chocolate Carrot Cake

2. Striped Tiger Carrot Cake

Welcome to the jungle! This recipe for a striped tiger cake will transport you into a wild world full of flavor. We've taken a delicious, moist carrot cake and made it even sweeter by baking it with a fun animal-themed pattern. First, we're going to teach you a unique pouring technique that gives this cake half of its stripes, then we'll take care of the other half with a citrusy 2-tone glaze. It's a tiger cake fit for a tiger king! Get the recipe for the Striped Tiger Carrot Cake.

Striped Tiger Carrot Cake

3. Apple Pecan Carrot Cake

A cake jam-packed with fruits and vegetables may not sound particularly tempting at first, but this ultimate apple, pecan & carrot cake is definitely an exception to that rule. Carrot cake alone is a delicious treat, but what if you added in the all-powerful apple and threw in some tasty pecans for good measure? Cover the whole thing in an irresistibly rich cream cheese frosting and some gorgeous edible decorative accents, and you've got yourself a cakeGet the recipe for the Apple Pecan Carrot Cake

The Ultimate Apple, Pecan & Carrot Cake

4. Tsunami Fountain Carrot Cake

You already know that we think that carrot cake is one of the most underrated baked goods out there. Carrot cakes are so flavorful, have an irresistible crunch thanks to all those nuts, and are super moist! In fact, the only way a carrot cake could be any better is if it had an endless supply of velvety white chocolate cream running down the sides. Wait, is that even possible? You bet it is, thanks to our delicious stacked fountain cake! Get the recipe for the Tsunami Fountain Carrot Cake.

Fountain Cake With White Chocolate Cream

We bet you never thought that carrots could do all that! These creative cakes are just the thing to bake on a cozy fall afternoon with the kids, or to prepare for your next special occasion. 


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