11 Cute Easter Recipes

Easter is a great excuse to spend some real quality time with your loved ones, not to mention it's an egg-cellent opportunity to indulge in some seriously delicious foods, from rich desserts to truly creative breakfast items. If that sounds like your kind of holiday, then these 11 cute Easter recipes will be right up your alley!

1. Chocolate Mango Cream Easter Egg

Instead of boiling eggs and then painting them for Easter this year, we figured we'd hatch our own egg. A chocolate egg, in fact, with a cute little white chocolate Easter bunny peeking through. But here's the real kicker: when you crack it open, you'll find a sweet and sensuous cream cheese filling and some delicious mango puree hidden inside. So what are you waiting for? Hop to it! Get the recipe for the Chocolate Mango Cream Easter Egg.

Chocolate Mango Cream Easter Egg

2. Double Chocolate Easter Eggs

With Easter just a few days away, it's time to start thinking about decorations, food, and gifts. To stimulate your creativity, we've come up with the following egg-cellent recipe – instead of an egg yolk, you'll find a delicious creamy chocolate center surrounded by moist chocolate cake inside this egg! Get the recipe for the Double Chocolate Easter Eggs.

Double Chocolate Easter Eggs

3.–6. Easy Easter Recipes

Maybe you forgot all about Easter this year, or maybe your kids are bored with the standard Easter Bunny fare and you want to give them something extra special. No matter the reason, these fast and easy recipes are something you can whip up last minute, and they'll be sure to wow at your Easter brunch! Get the recipes for the 4 Easy Easter Ideas.

4 Easy Easter Recipes

7. Chocolate Raspberry Cream Easter Egg

Easter is just around the corner, which means it's time to blow off some steam and whip up some sweet, sweet desserts! And there's no better to way to do that than with a giant chocolate cream egg frilled with fresh raspberry sauce that will leave your guests thinking you had time to make homemade jam! Get the recipe for the Chocolate Raspberry Cream Easter Egg.

Chocolate Raspberry Cream Easter Egg

8.–11. Easter Breakfast 4 Ways

With Easter on the way, it's time to think up some innovative breakfast ideas to mark the occasion accordingly. These recipes should give you plenty of inspiration and put a smile on your loved ones' faces. And the best thing about these great-tasting works of "art" is that they set you up perfectly for the rest of the day! Get the recipes for the 4 Easter Breakfast Ideas.

Easter Breakfast 4 Ways

See, Easter isn't just about decorating hard-boiled eggs or devouring a leg of lamb – there's plenty of other incredibly delicious culinary delights you can sample! Happy Easter!


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