Homemade Summer Fruit Ice Bowl With Refreshing Sangria

Do you love ice cold summer drinks that not only taste great, but look great too? Then look no further, because you're about to get everything you've ever wanted!

You'll Need:

  • 2 glass bowls (9-inch and 7-inch)
  • 2–3 oranges
  • 3–4 limes
  • 17 strawberries
  • 12 mint leaves
  • water
  • tape
  • 3 ice cube trays

For the sangria:

  • 1 bottle of red wine (750 ml)
  • 4 oz lemon lime soda
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 shot of orange liqueur

Here's How:

1. Slice one orange, one or two limes, and two strawberries, and arrange them in a nice pattern along the inner wall of the large bowl. Fill the spaces with mint leaves.

2. Carefully place the small bowl in the big one and fix the bowls in place with some tape. Fill the space between the bowls with water and place in the freezer. 

3. Cut the remaining oranges and limes into pieces. Fill one ice cube tray with orange pieces, one ice cube tray with lime pieces, and one ice cube tray with whole strawberries. Fill each mold with water and place the trays in the freezer.

4. Mix the red wine, lemon lime soda, orange liqueur, and sugar. Retrieve the bowl from the freezer and remove the tape and glass bowls. Pour the fruit ice cubes and sangria into the fruit ice bowl and enjoy!

Because the fruit ice bowl won't last long in high temperatures, be sure to invite all your friends over so they can help you drink the best looking thing they've ever seen. Bottoms up!

You can find the recipe for the Watermelon Kiwi Slushie featured in the bonus video here.


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