Our Super Snow Globe Cake Makes The Perfect Festive Dessert

This snow globe is a little different from the ones you normally see. Why? Because you can eat it!

You'll Need:

For the cake:

  • 4½ oz soft butter
  • 3½ oz sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 5 oz flour
  • 1½ oz corn starch
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp milk

For the red buttercream frosting:

  • 3½ oz soft butter
  • 5 oz powdered sugar
  • 3½ oz cream cheese
  • 1 tsp red food coloring

For the hut:

  • 1 tbsp butter
  • gold and silver sugar pearls
  • sugar stars
  • Kinder bars for the doors and windows
  • melted dark chocolate
  • toothpick
  • small tweezers
  • powdered sugar

For the globe:

  • 2 oz sheet gelatin
  • 6 fl oz cold water
  • balloons
  • wooden stick

Here's How:

1. Stir the butter with the sugar until foamy. Add the eggs bit by bit, then mix in the remaining ingredients in three parts. Transfer the batter to a 6-inch springform cake pan and bake the small cake at 340°F for 40 minutes. After leaving the cake to cool through, remove the top and sides of the cake. You can place a small bowl on top of the cake to help with the cutting.

2. Stir the soft butter, icing sugar, cream cheese, and food coloring powder into a red cream. Spread it onto the cake.

3. Take the cut-off pieces of cake, break them down into crumbs in a bowl, and knead them into dough with soft butter. Make a small hut using the dough, complete with roof and chimney.

4. Using the melted dark chocolate as "glue," stick on white chocolate small doors and windows; use more of the dark chocolate to create the frames. Decorate the house with sugar pearls.

5. Soften the gelatin in water and leave it for 10 minutes. Next melt it in a water bath before leaving it to cool to around °95F again. Blow up a balloon, wipe lukewarm water onto it, and leave it to dry. Next, grease the balloon in a thin layer of oil. Immerse the balloon in the liquid gelatin twice, hang it to a clothes hanger using some string, and leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. Tip: It's best to prepare several balloons in case the gelatin globe goes awry.

6. Now carefully deflate the balloon and remove it from the gelatin globe.

7. Use a few drops of sugar syrup to stick sugar stars to the inside of the globe.

8. Now place the hut on top of the cake and sprinkle on some icing sugar snow. Place the globe on top and you're done!

Wow, that was certainly worth all the effort. Be sure to admire your masterpiece before digging in!


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