Juicy Lucy Ciabatta Burger With Halloumi Fries

You can never have too much cheese IN or ON your cheeseburger, and this juicy Lucy ciabatta burger topped with halloumi fries certainly doesn't disappoint!

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty Level: Easy


For the juicy Lucy ciabatta burger:

  • 1 loaf of ciabatta bread
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 garlic bulb
  • 8 oz ground beef
  • ½ ball of fresh mozzarella cheese
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • parsley hummus
  • halloumi fries
  • garlic herb oil

For the parsley hummus:

  • ½ cup of hummus
  • 1 bunch of parsley

For the halloumi fries:

  • ⅓ cup flour
  • 3 tbsp paprika
  • 2 tbsp ground cumin
  • 4 oz halloumi cheese
  • 2 tbsp honey

For the garlic herb oil:

  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • 1 sprig of rosemary, chopped
  • 1 sprig of thyme, chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, minced


1. Slice the loaf of ciabatta bread in half lengthwise and then cut it into 5 equal pieces. Drizzle olive oil over all 10 pieces of bread and toast them (we reccomended using a waffle iron for an especially fun pattern). Cut the tomato and garlic bulb in half and rub them over the toasted ciabatta bread pieces for added flavor.

2. For the juicy Lucy burger, season the ground beef to taste, divide the mixture in half, and shape both halves into a patty that's slightly smaller than the ciabatta bread pieces. Tear the fresh mozzarella into smaller pieces, sprinkle them over 1 of the ground beef patties, top with the other ground beef patty, seal the edges, and cook in a pan for about 8-10 minutes on each side. Meanwhile, roast the red bell pepper on all sides, remove the skin and core, and cut into wide slices. Start assembling the juicy Lucy ciabatta burger in the following order: ciabatta bread slice, juicy Lucy burger, ciabatta bread slice, red pepper slice, ciabatta bread slice.

3. For the parsley hummus, purée the hummus and parsley together until combined. Spread the parsley hummus over the ciabatta bread slice on top and top with another slice of ciabatta bread. For the halloumi fries, cut the halloumi cheese into strips, roll them in a mixture of the flour, paprika, and ground cumin, and fry in enough cooking oil until golden brown. Place the halloumi fries on top of the ciabatta bread slice, drizzle honey on top, and place the last slice of ciabatta bread on top. For the garlic herb oil, combine the ingredients and drizzle it on top of the juicy Lucy ciabatta burger.


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