This 3 lb ice cream praline will defeat you — guaranteed

Just what sort of dessert should you choose in the springtime? While in winter, you'd probably opt for a rich praline, in summer you'd probably rather have an ice sundae. With that in mind, what could be better than an Ice Cream Praline? Better still, this rich chocolate and hazelnut dream comes in XXL, so those who are worried there won't be enough dessert to go round have nothing to fear.

You'll need:

For the chocolatey center:

  • 3½ oz couverture 
  • 1⅔ fl oz cream
  • ¾ oz chopped hazelnuts

For the ice cream layer:

  • 1½ qt hazelnut ice cream

For the egg white cream:

  • 2 egg whites
  • 2¾ oz sugar
  • 2 tbsp water
  • 1 pinch salt

For the glaze:

  • 2¾ oz milk chocolate
  • 4¼ oz coconut oil

Here's how:

First take care of the center: for this, chop the couverture into small pieces and pour the cream (warmed) over them. Stir the hazelnuts in and let everything cool.  After that, shape the mixture into a ball, then freeze it.

Now, distribute about ⅔ of the hazelnut ice cream evenly in a large bowl lined with clear plastic food wrap and press the chocolate-hazelnut ball into the center. Then add the rest of the ice cream on top. Spread the topmost surface flat with a spoon and then freeze the whole thing again.

Next, heat some water in a pan. While that's warming up, put the egg whites, sugar, water and salt in a bowl, put the bowl on top of the pan, and beat the mixture with an electric whisk until it's stiff. Take the bowl off the pan and set it to one side.

After that, turn the ice cream dome out onto a serving platter and pull away the plastic food wrap.

Use a spatula to the spread the egg white cream evenly over the entire dome. Then put the whole thing back in the freezer.

Let the chopped milk chocolate and the coconut oil melt over a water bath and stir them together to form a glaze. Pour it over the Ice Cream Praline. Now this tasty treat has to be chilled one last time before it can be eaten.

Tip: When it comes to decorating this sweet masterpiece, anything goes. As shown in the video, one idea is to arrange raspberries and hazelnuts around the outside of your Ice Cream Praline.

Of course, you can take on the challenge and try to conquer this chocolate-hazelnut mountain alone. But for maximum enjoyment,  we recommend tackling this giant Ice Cream Praline together with family or friends. Sharing happiness ultimately doubles your happiness — and that's true for desserts too!

And as the weather gets warmer and the pull of ice cream for dessert grows strong, you can always try our Triple Layer Ice Cream Bombe too.


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