3 Delicious Hot Dog Recipes That'll Wow At Your Next Tailgate Party

Hot dogs and weenies are the perfect snack food, whether it be at a picnic, football party, end-of-summer BBQ, or even just lounging in front of the TV on game day. No matter where, no matter when, no matter why — hot dogs always score big! But there are so many other ways to eat them than on a hot dog bun or chopped up in barbecue sauce. Try these 3 creative and finger-licking good sausage recipes to get started.

1. Hot Dog Plait

There's no better snack than a hot dog. Whether you're enjoying one at a baseball or football game, sitting at the snack bar around the corner, or just taking a quick lunch break, the hot dog is a true American treat. Expand your horizons and pep up the classic hot dog with this Hot Dog Braid.

2. Hot Dog Muffins

Pizza is round, a baguette is long, and a hot dog is almost shaped like a cylinder. But not everything always has to look exactly the way we expect it to. Take the calzone for example, or these savory Hot Dog Cups that can easily be made right in your muffin pan for easy cleanup.

3. Hot Dog Ring

When it comes to weenies, the more the merrier! Pigs in a blanket are the perfect appetizer, party snack, and finger food because they're easy to make, mess-free, and they're just downright delicious! Now you can kick it up a notch with this Salsa Hot Dog Ring that gives them a doughy center and a zesty dipping sauce! 

Whip up these tailgate recipes and you'll be an instant hot dog lover — game, set, and match!


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