9 Tasty Recipes With Ham & Cheese

There's nothing better than filling your stomach with warm and hearty food on a chilly night. The combination of ham and cheese is especially popular, but instead of serving the same old grilled cheese with ham for the millionth time, try some of these other innovative recipes that deliciously pair the classic combo together in a new and unexpected way.

1. Ham and Cheese Pastry Spiral

2. Ham and Bacon Potatoes au Gratin

3. Chicken Cordon Bleu with Béchamel Sauce

4. Lasagna Sandwich

5. Ham and Pepper Pie

6. Ham and Cheese Potato Pancakes

7. Crinkle Fry Pie

8. Quiche Madame

9. Breakfast Sandwich

No matter which of these 9 tasty dishes you choose first, you should definitely try the others as well, because every single one of them has the potential to become your new favorite food of all time.


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