These bite-sized chocolate treats will melt in your mouth

The selection of candy bars you'll find on any supermarket shelf nowadays is staggering, and while there was certainly a wide range of choices available several years ago, the number has only managed to increase, especially given all the new twists on the conventional favorites, such as: Twix bars with white chocolate, Kit Kat's "Chunky" version, the peanut butter Snickers bar, or even seasonal offerings such as caramel apple Milky Way or Hershey's holiday candy cane bar. And while it's great to have options, we recommend you just make your own miniature candy bars! This recipe for homemade chocolate bites even combines all the things you love from the classics, including peanuts, caramel, and white chocolate, and the convenient size and shape makes it the perfect fun-sized snack! 

You'll need:

  • 19½ oz melted white chocolate
  • blue and gold food coloring
  • 2 oz roasted peanuts
  • 2 fl oz caramel sauce 

Here's how:

1. Pour half of the melted white chocolate in a larger bowl and split the remaining portion of white chocolate between two smaller bowls. Add the blue food coloring to one of the smaller bowls, and the gold food coloring to the other smaller bowl.

Drizzle a small portion of the blue-colored chocolate vertically into the big bowl of white chocolate. Then drizzle a small portion of the gold-colored chocolate horizontally over the blue-colored chocolate.

2. Drizzle both colored chocolates over the middle section of a clean ice cube tray.

3. Gently slam the big bowl of chocolate on the table and rotate it back and forth. Pour the chocolate into the ice cube molds in the middle section of the ice cube tray, filling them to the top.

Then flip the ice cube tray over and pour the colored chocolate back into the large bowl.

Smooth the surface of each ice cube mold with a spatula and let the chocolate harden in the refrigerator.

4. Evenly distribute the nuts and caramel sauce between the ice cube molds. Top off each mold with the multicolored white chocolate mixture and once again smooth out the surface with the spatula.

Refrigerate the ice cube tray for 30 more minutes. Once the chocolate has set, simply flip over the tray and tap the treats out — yummy!

Who would have thought that making your own chocolate bars could be so easy? It's not only the perfect snack for you, but it also makes for a great treat to serve your friends and guests. You can even chill them beforehand, which is an especially nice surprise on hot summer days!


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