Deception on the highest culinary level: Chocolate Cream Egg

Life is full of mendacious, duplicitous foods. If you start reading ingredients lists, all you can feel is betrayed. But this incredible Easter recipe offers up the most beguiling fraud of all — ceci n'est pas un oeuf

Here you get to make an oh-so-elegant — and delectable — chocolate eggshell and fill it with a heavenly white-chocolate cream (the white, of course), plus yummy jam (the yolk).

The color of the shell might just give you away, but still... Mm-mm.

You will need (for 4 servings):

  • 14 oz semisweet chocolate
  • 3.5 oz white chocolate
  • 2 cups whipped cream
  • 4 tbsp apricot jam (peach will also work!)

Here's how:

Chop the semisweet chocolate up finely and melt it over a bain marie. Take care that the water itself doesn't get into the chocolate. Only the steam should make contact to the bowl. Also, if you heat it up too high, it'll clump.

Place a spoonful of chocolate in the middle of a dessert plate and allow it to start to firm up.

While the chocolate is hardening, blow up four little balloons to about 3 inches across. Wipe them off carefully to be sure they're clean, and now dip them into the rest of the melted chocolate. 

Press the balloons one by one onto the chocolate on the plate, letting each dry while holding the balloon so it doesn't slip. 

As soon as the chocolate has completely hardened you can prick the balloon with a pin and remove it altogether.

For the mousse filling, melt the white chocolate and mix it together with the whipped cream. Then pipe it into the eggshells.

For the "yolk," hollow out a little spot in the middle of the mousse. Spoon a dollop of jam in and there you have your perfect Easter dessert! 

Deception in this case is certainly worth it. And of course, you can fill it with any other kind of mousse too, to suit the season or celebration.

This particular sneaky egg will thrill (and impress) your holiday guests. It looks so pretty, you won't want to eat it — but you won't be able to resist, either!  


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