Choco Lasagna with Oreo cookies — a recipe for a very special layered dessert

Oreos have long been well-known in the States and now it looks like they've conquered the world. Since they first went into production, a whole range of different varieties has been produced — and you need Wikipedia just to keep up with all the different variations. But today, we're using the original one as the base for our chocolatey twist on the humble lasagna.

You'll need:

For the cookie layer:

  • 32 Oreos
  • 2.8 oz melted butter

For the chocolate pudding:

For the cream:

For the decoration:

Here's how:

  1. First take care of the cookie layer: place the Oreo cookies in a sturdy plastic bag and hit it repeatedly against the work surface until the cookies form fine crumbs. Then put the crumbs in a casserole dish and press them down lightly but firmly with a spoon. So that the crumbs stick together better, pour the butter evenly over them before doing this. Once you're done, refrigerate with casserole dish. 
  2. For the chocolate pudding, heat the milk and the couverture in a pan, while stirring gently to dissolve the chocolate. In the meantime, put the milk and sugar together in a bowl, add in the cocoa powder and the cornstarch and stir until there are no small lumps in the liquid. Let the chocolate milk come to the boil, then pour in the milk and sugar and mix everything with a whisk. Let the whole thing simmer a bit more until it thickens. Then take the pan off the heat and let the pudding cool.
  3. For the cream, mix all the ingredients together with an electric whisk, until they form a smooth mixture. 
  4. Next, it's time to add the layers to the casserole dish which you used for the base layer of cookies. First, place half of the cream mixture on top of the cookie crumbs and smooth it flat with a spoon. Next, smooth out all of the chocolate pudding to form the next layer. Top off the lasagna with the rest of the cream and then grate the dark chocolate couverture generously on top. 

If you're still hungry for more after trying this delicious Choco Lasagna, perhaps you can think of more tempting desserts you can put together with these cookies. Let your creativity run free!


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