This Nutella Chocolate Star Bread Will Rock Your World!

Try it out and you’ll be astonished! Tasty, huh? Let's get started!

Here's How:

1. As basis for the choc-star use some pizza dough. Use either a mix where you add water or a finished one from the fridge. Roll the dough out and use a plate to cut a uniform circle. You’ll need at least 3 or 4 layers of dough.

2. Then, using your flowery canvas, paint the first layer of dough with Nutella. Make sure to warm up the spread in the microwave for 20 seconds first so that it’s easier to spread. Repeat on every layer until each is richly covered with the stuff. Leave the top layer plain.

3. Place a small glass in the middle of the dough. This serves as a placeholder to keep the center of the coco-star intact.

4. Use a sharp knife to first quarter the star, then cut it into eighths, and finally sixteenths. Always cut from the edge of the glass so that the middle remains intact.

5. Now the exciting part! Take two tranches (that’s French for slice) and twist each twice in opposite directions around its own axis. All the way around!

6. Now connect each tranche at the end with each other. All you have to do is press them together. And voila, the demanding part is done!

7. Brush the whole culinary artwork with egg whites to give the whole thing a brilliant shine. Then off into the oven!

8. Bake the choc-star at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 Celsius) for about 15 minutes. When it turns a nice golden-brown then it is done and can be taken out.

9. Serve preferably warm so that it’ll melt properly on the tongue and make your guests gush. But make sure you save a piece for yourself!

This choc-star looks simply amazing. And as you see, it’s as easy as ABC. We make it whenever guests show up in front of the door, which coincidentally enough, has started happening suspiciously often since we first started madking it. Share this delicious and dreamy delicacy!


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