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When two things merge perfectly: the lasagna sandwich
When you cut into this monster... crazy what's inside!
When you just can't decide: Chocolate Duet Pie
When you want something particularly tasty: Garlic Steak Baguette
Where food and creativity meet: Pizza Muffins
White Bread Quiche: Who Knew Wonder Bread Could Be This Wonderful?
White Chocolate and Raspberry Delight: A recipe with raspberries embedded
Wieners in pastry make great little octopuses — a fun finger food recipe
With Crunchy Strawberry Rolls, you're in for a tasty treat!
With this recipe, dry hamburger buns are a thing of the past!
Wonderful Giant Chicken Cannelloni — a filled pasta recipe for the perfect main course
Wrap it up: Club Sandwich Roll
Wrap the rolling pin in choco dough for a special tart
XXL Brie With Pasta Makes For a Hearty Main Course
XXL Twix — when size DOES matter!
Yogurt flatbread off the grill: a perfect addition to any BBQ
You can even eat the bowl! Ice Cream in a Brownie
You can have this chicken pancake for breakfast or dinner
You don't decorate this Christmas tree so much as polish it off
You don't need bread for the Potato Sandwich!
You haven't lived until you've had a Dutch baby pancake topped with strawberries
You make 2 roast beef filets into a circle & wrap them in dough
You make a big hole in the bread and stuff it full
You place banana halves on the cake. Its design is unique.
You say potato, I say Breakfast Baked Potato Boat!
You underestimate your waffle iron! Our video evidence:
You won't see anything more beautiful made with Nutella this year
You'll Be Surprised To See The Secret Ingredient Hidden Inside This Vegetarian Omelette
You'll Have Tons Of Fun With This Circus Cheesecake
You'll love the layers of bacon and cheese inside this potato cake
Your little monkeys will love these gooey, fried banana treats!
Your new favorite snack: Cheesy bacon straws. Better than store-bought!
Zucchini finger food — recipe for zucchini in puff pastry with cheese and salmon