Apple and gingerbread cookie dessert — recipe for a festive tiramisu

Rethinking tiramisu to incorporate different flavors and designs certainly isn't something new. Over the past few weeks, the Scrumdiddlyumptious team has been busy working on the wonderful Strawberry Tiramisu Cake,  the tiramisu-inspired Strawberry & Orange Liqueur Delight, and the festive Marzipan and Cherry Tiramisu. But if you can't get enough of this delicious Italian dessert, here's another one you can prepare for the holiday season...

You'll need:

For the apple compote:

  • 8 ripe red apples
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • approx. 13.5 fl oz water

For the mascarpone cream:

  • 1 cup mascarpone
  • ⅕ cup sugar
  • 1 cup cream cheese
  • 1 tsp vanilla flavoring
  • 3.5 oz whipped cream

For the cookie layers:

  • 7 oz gingerbread cookies

Here's how: 

  1. To make the compote, first peel the apples, remove their cores, and then dice them. Heat up the diced apples in a pan, add the sugar and cinnamon, and leave everything to caramelize slightly before pouring the water over the fruit. Then leave the mix to cook for a little while.
  2. Leave the compote to cool in a bowl and start working on the mascarpone cream. First, use an electric whisk to stir the mascarpone, cream cheese, sugar, and vanilla flavoring into a smooth mixture. Then add the cream while continuing to stir until you have a perfectly creamy consistency. By the way, you can't replace mascarpone with any other ingredients for this recipe. While it's not available in every supermarket, you can order it online.
  3. For the next step, put five gingerbread cookies to one side. Then take seven cookies from the packet and break them up into crumbs. You can do so by using the bottom of a glass in a medium-sized bowl.
  4. Now it's time to layer up your tiramisu. Start by placing gingerbread cookies on the bottom of a medium-sized casserole dish. Then spoon half of the compote on top of them. Next, spread an even layer of the cream on top of the compote. Now make a another layer following the same process, except you also sprinkle half of the cookie crumbs on top of the mascarpone cream this time. This is the middle layer.
  5. For the top layer, sprinkle the rest of the cookie crumbs on top and decorate with the five gingerbread cookies you put to the side at the start. 
  6. Cover your dessert with some food wrap and place it in the fridge two hours before serving. 

Mmm, this delightful tiramisu looks the part and is bursting with festive flavors. So we recommend surprising your friends and family with this wonderful dessert over Christmas. Happy holidays!


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