9 No-Bake Cakes That You Can Whip Up In No Time

If time is of the essence, there's no denying that quick no-bake desserts are your best option. These 9 simple recipes look great, taste delicious, and also mean there's no need to fire up the oven — talk about a win-win-win situation!

1. Ladyfinger Cake

After ice cream, tiramisu is the second most popular dessert in Italy. As delicious as it is, some may find the combination of mascarpone, coffee, and booze a little too heavy though. That's why we've come up with a refreshing take on this tasty classic, adding fresh berries for extra color and a lighter touch. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

2. Strawberry S'more Cake

If there's one snack that's guaranteed to remind you of your childhood and fun, carefree days, it's gotta be s'mores. Whether you were making them over a campfire in the summer, or zapping them in the microwave in the fall, they always made for the perfect treat. If you want to relive those wonderful days, but in a slightly less messy way, give this grown-up strawberry s'more cake a try. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

3. Unicorn Cheesecake

These days it's hard to avoid the unicorn trend. Everywhere you look, those smiling magical creatures are prancing their way on to products of all kinds. So it was only a matter of time before they ended up in your kitchen too! It's time to get out the magic wand and take a trip into fantasy land with an enchanting no-bake cake. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

4. Banana Cream Pudding Cheesecake

The banana is a true miracle fruit. Not only does it taste great, but it's also chock-full of all kinds of great vitamins and minerals that are good for you, meaning you can truly feel good about treating yourself to a banana every now and then. Plus, all these awesome vitamins and minerals are responsible for boosting your energy levels, and if there's one thing you need when baking this creamy cheesecake, it's plenty of energy. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

5. Triple Layer Raspberry Jello Cake

Everybody loves jello! After all, what's not to like about the favorite lunchtime dessert and after-school snack that you remember so fondly from your childhood? That's right — everything about it is simply fantastic, which is why we decided to make it the feature ingredient of this treat that's good enough to rival the beloved strawberry shortcake. This delicious and wobbly temptation is truly fit for a king. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

6. Stracciatella Cheesecake

While most people have real trouble pronouncing the name of this dessert, stracciatella actually means "to rip" or "tear up." With a name like this though, the tasty milk-based ice cream with chocolate shavings probably wouldn't have enjoyed much popularity in the English-speaking world. Today's recipe doesn't actually involve any ice cream at all, as we're trying to recreate that incomparable stracciatella taste in cake form. In fact, we don't even need an oven to take you to Italian cheesecake heaven! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

7. Strawberry Cream Dream

Strawberry season may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make the most of it. And if you need a little creative inspiration, then look no further than this recipe — with fresh fruit, velvety cream, and a dark chocolate glaze, this no-bake cake is a surefire hit. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

8. Banana Split Cake

Anywhere that doesn't serve a classic banana split isn't allowed to call itself an ice cream parlor. Whether you're a fruit fan, chocolate junkie, or ice cream freak, this wonderful creation has something for everybody. So we've put together a recipe that transforms the ice cream lovers' favorite into a spectacular cake that tastes as good as it looks! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

9. Frozen Smoothie Cake

If you want to relive the warmer months, make yourself a fruity throwback to summer that's bursting with fresh flavors. Raspberries, passion fruit, mango, coconut — this creamy frozen treat has it all. But best of all, it's served as a cake, which is a nice change from the ice cream cones and slushies frequently seen in summer. If you have some time and a little culinary ambition, try this cool delicacy — you won't regret it! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

Did you have any idea you could make such tasty and easy desserts without even needing to cook them first? No-bake cakes are clearly the game changer you've been waiting your whole life for!


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