9 Best Desserts For Chocoholics

Chocolate is life! So go ahead and celebrate life with a slice, or two, of a delicious chocolate dessert. Because if you have to pick, death by chocolate is certainly the way to go and chocoholics are guaranteed to get their money's worth with these 9 sinfully delicious recipes.

1. Nutella Wreath

Nutella is one of those things you can eat any time of day: on your toast first thing in the morning, in a sandwich for lunch, or straight out of the jar after a hard day at work – don't worry, we won't tell anyone! And although it's great as a treat, and also as comfort food, there's so much more you can do with it, like make this creamy, delicate pastry. And thanks to the handy pull-off portions, it's perfect for parties! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

2. Polka Dot Pudding

Pudding is a childhood favorite and classic, but for some reason, we just don't eat it all that much as adults. But that's about to change, because this wiggly dessert is fun to look at AND fun to eat! With the help of this recipe, we're prepared to say that pudding is definitely making a comeback. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

3. Ice Cream Surprise

It's sometimes said we take the first bite of a dish with our eyes, and that's especially true with this recipe which uses a clever visual trick to reveal the true dessert in a very surprising way! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

4. Brazilian Chocolate Carrot Cake

Brazil is known all over the world for its carnivals, rainforest, and soccer players. But Brazilian baked goods are no less impressive, like this carrot cake with a molten dark chocolate filling. Yummy! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

5. Ferrero Rocher Dessert Bowls

Do you like to spread Nutella on your toast in the morning and eat Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls on the couch at night? Then this recipe is just the ticket, because it combines both delicacies into a delicious cream that nobody can resist — and best of all, it's served in a delicious chocolate dessert bowl that you can eat afterwards! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

6. Brownie Stack A La Mode

Everyone knows that the best brownies and chewy, fudgy, extra chocolaty, and just the perfect mix of doughy. We're giving you all that, and more with these delicious stacked brownies filled with a velvety almond cream. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

7. Cookie Dough Mousse Cake

Let's be honest: cookies are what get you through the day, the week, the month... your life just wouldn't be complete without them. And as any cookie fiend will tell you, it's pretty much impossible to heed the warning that cookie dough should never be eaten raw – who could possibly resist? Because we think that's a choice that no one should ever have to make, we've created this no-bake cookie dough cake with chocolate mousse and a rich glaze so that you can eat all the cookie dough you want. So grab a spoon and let's do this! Get the full recipe & instructions here.

8. Magic Lava Cake

This recipe offers the most popular—not to mention, tastiest—volcano in the world! This dessert is the real deal and there's no way any self-respecting chocoholic will be able to resist the chocolate brownie cake and the rich chocolate ganache that unite to create a luxurious culinary treat with a creamy core. Get the full recipe & instructions here.

9. Chocolate Donut Cake

It's always hard to say no to donuts. Whether glazed or covered in chocolate, you simply can't beat these ring-shaped treats when hunger strikes. So if you're a donut fan, you're going to love this very special recipe — there'll be more than enough to go round, too! Get the full recipe & instructions here.


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