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8 Colorful Cakes That Will Brighten Everyone’s Day

8 Colorful Cakes That Will Brighten Everyone's Day
8 Colorful Cakes That Will Brighten Everyone's Day Credit: MediaPartisans

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If your day is feeling a little dull and those gray clouds just refuse to disappear, we’ve got just the thing for you. This collection of recipes is guaranteed to put you back in a good mood! Whether it’s an epic rainbow cheesecake, a showstopping mirror glaze cake, or a multicolored checkerboard cake, these colorful desserts are completely unique and a sight for sore eyes. Of course, they’re perfect for any and all celebrations, so check them out!

1. Yellow Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Are your cakes tasty, but perhaps a bit lackluster in terms of appearance? If you want to serve something that really wows, and pleases multiple palates at once, give our 3-in-1 dessert a try! With both yellow and chocolate cake as a base, and a delicious raspberry cream, it’s easy, delicious, and makes use of the scrumptious fresh raspberries that are oh-so-good this time of year. Get the recipe for the Yellow Chocolate Raspberry Cake.

Yellow Chocolate Raspberry Cake

2. Rainbow Cheesecake

The following recipe is tailor-made for anyone out there wondering what you can find at the end of a rainbow. While there won’t be any pots of gold, you’re sure to be in for quite a magical treat! And although the marshmallows can’t be used for payment or investments, they do have some advantages over gold — especially when it comes to taste. Knowing what’s at the end of a rainbow should also provide some solace! Get the recipe for the Rainbow Cheesecake.

Rainbow Cheesecake

3. Jello Bubble Wrap Cheesecake

No-bake jello cake? Don’t mind if we do! This cake is colorful, super fun, and most importantly, really delicious. It just radiates joy in its purest form. Sure, this recipe is a little more intricate, but the results are so worth it. Forget about no-bake chocolate cake and explore new territory with this crazy creation using a secret weapon: bubble wrap! Get the recipe for the Jello Bubble Wrap Cheesecake.

Jello Bubble Wrap Cheesecake

4. Circus Cheesecake

We all have preconceived ideas of how certain things should be, not least our cakes. For example, most people have a fixed idea in their head of what a cheesecake looks like: round and yellow. But for a long time now, this classic dessert has so many devotees that it’s made an appearance in all different shapes, colors, and variations. Our recipe, at least visually, is something of a departure from the norm, but it still tastes great! Get the recipe for the Circus Cheesecake.

Circus Cheesecake

5. Rainbow Mirror Glaze Cake

Nothing brings people together like cake, but this rainbow treat is even more special because it combines so many of your favorite desserts into one: part cookie, part cake, part mousse, part cheesecake — it’s everything you could possibly want all at the same time! But the real cherry on top, so to say, is the mesmerizing rainbow glaze poured over the top of this no-bake cake, which easily draws all aspects of this delicious dessert together! Get the recipe for the Rainbow Mirror Glaze Cake.

Rainbow Mirror Glaze Cake

6. Rainbow Swirl Cheesecake

Who didn’t try to reach the end of the rainbow as a kid just to see if there actually was a leprechaun dangling a pot of gold? Well, we spent years searching high and low and finally managed to capture the essence of a rainbow. And what we tasted was incredible. Sweet and fruity, we now have an understanding of what people mean when they talk about a slice of heaven. If you want to recreate this most heavenly experience and find that rainbow connection, give this cheesecake recipe a try! Get the recipe for the Rainbow Swirl Cheesecake.

Rainbow Swirl Cheesecake

7. Rainbow Checkerboard Cake

Birthdays are the perfect occasion to bake a very special cake, because there’s nothing better than watching everyone’s eyes light up at the sight of a truly stunning dessert. If you’re still looking for an extraordinary cake (even if it’s not for a birthday party), you’ve come to the right place because there’s truly nothing more extraordinary or stunning then this colorful masterpiece! Get the recipe for the Rainbow Checkerboard Cake.

Rainbow Checkerboard Cake

8. Neapolitan Rose Cake

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry have been good friends since the dawn of time, and this trio of flavors makes for a heavenly combination, not just in Neapolitan ice cream, but also in the following floral creation. With this recipe, you can set a buttercream cake decorated with roses on the table, and it’ll be so beautiful that you won’t even need any other decorations! Get the recipe for the Neapolitan Rose Cake.

Neapolitan Rose Cake

All these colorful cakes are enough to make us dizzy (with delight). So add a little color to your life and bake your heart out with these pretty and delicious cakes!