6 Super Cheesy Recipes

If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that life gets easy once things get cheesy! And these 6 super cheesy recipes are here to make your life way tastier, mainly because each of these delicious dishes features ooey, gooey camembert cheese, and plenty of it. Whether you're looking for a fun new appetizer for your next get-together or you just want some inspiration for a tasty main course, these 6 mouthwatering recipes have got exactly what you need!

1. Spinach Ricotta Pastry Swirl

If you're looking for something sunny that will bring a smile to your face and leave your tummy full, let the sunshine in with our tasty appetizer! This spinach ricotta pastry swirl will warm your heart and your stomach, so go ahead and dig in.

Get the recipe for the Spinach Ricotta Pastry Swirl.

Spinach Ricotta Pastry Swirl

2. Baked Camembert Pasta

We've been feeling very inspired by the baked feta pasta TikTok sensation, so today, we're going to show you a new pasta recipe using a special kind of cheese. The OG recipe only uses tomatoes, feta, and fusilli pasta, but we wanted to expand on this general idea and use camembert, walnuts, grapes, and gnocchi to keep the cheesy pasta ball moving!

Get the recipe for the Baked Camembert Pasta.

Baked Camembert Pasta

3. Cranberry Camembert Bundt Ring

Do you ever run out of ideas for breakfast and brunch? You have your basics like scrambled eggs, waffles, French toast, and cereal, but that can get a little boring day after day, so why not try something new? This stuffed brunch bundt ring has everything you're looking for in your opening meal and is a delicious way to kick off the day!

Get the recipe for the Cranberry Camembert Bundt Ring.

Cranberry Camembert Bundt Ring

4. French Fry Frittata

This recipe is a modern, playful take on the classic frittata that we all know and love. A veritable explosion both visually and in terms of taste, this one gets baked in the oven with an army of French fries and an ooey, gooey camembert center for dipping! The fries add so much texture and the creamy, melted cheese takes this frittata to the next level. Do yourself a favor and give this one a try!

Get the recipe for the French Fry Frittata.

French Fry Frittata

5. Cheese Flower Quiche

If you want a dish that will impress at your next get-together, this blossoming cheese pie is just the party food for you! With a flaky crust, cheesy edge, and delicious bacon quiche center, your guests will be falling all over themselves just trying to grab a piece. The combination of camembert cheese, sautéed bacon bits, creamy potatoes, and flaky puff pastry is an absolute dream!

Get the recipe for the Cheese Flower Quiche.

Cheese Flower Quiche

6. Cheesy Volcano Pizza

Can you believe stuffed crust pizza has only been a part of the mainstream cheese-loving world since 1995? In a particularly memorable episode of the hit TV show Seinfeld, Elaine remarks, "It'll be years before they find another place to hide more cheese on a pizza." Well, you can rest easy because the wait is finally over!

Get the recipe for the Cheesy Volcano Pizza.

Cheesy Volcano Pizza

If there's one thing we've learned, it's that camembert tastes great any time of the day. A cheesy volcano pizza, cranberry camembert bundt cake ring, spinach ricotta pastry swirl – these incredible recipes would make any cheese fan melt!


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