6 Delicious Sunday Dinner Ideas That The Whole Family Will Love

There's nothing that warms you up on a cold day quite like a hearty roast dinner does. Whether it's duck, turkey, or chicken, popping a big bird in the oven and letting it cook to tender, juicy perfection is the perfect way to enjoy the colder months. If you're looking to up your comfort food game with meals that will feed the whole family, these 6 Sunday dinner ideas are for you – creative, hearty, and most of all tasty, you and your family will love each and every one!

1. Roasted Duck Marinated In Mulled Wine

Are you looking for a truly impressive recipe to mark a special occasion? Then look no further, because our take on drunken duck will do the trick! We're marinating a whole duck in homemade, aromatic mulled wine, cooking it in the oven until the skin is extra crispy, and serving it with roasted vegetables and mulled wine gravy. Intrigued? Prepare yourself for the classiest dish of the year!

Get the recipe for the Roasted Duck Marinated In Mulled Wine.

Roasted Duck Marinated In Mulled Wine

2. Garlic & Herb Butter Roasted Chicken

Sunday dinner is a classic tradition that keeps the whole family happy and satisfied, but this roasted chicken recipe is going to put all other roasts to shame! From the homemade garlic & herb butter coating to the easy side of roasted veggies that this chicken is served with, it makes the perfect tender, tasty meal for your next family dinner. This recipe is bound to become one of your household's comfort food classics – you'd butter believe it!

Get the recipe for the Garlic & Herb Butter Roasted Chicken.

Garlic & Herb Butter Roasted Chicken

3. Spiked Fried Chicken

Are you in the mood for chicken? Well, bear with us for the following recipe, as the bird will need a few days of preparation. But the waiting will be more than worth it in the end — once you take your first bite into this beautifully breaded treat, you'll be transported to fried chicken heaven. Colonel Sanders, eat your heart out!

Get the recipe for the Spiked Fried Chicken.

Spiked Fried Chicken

4. Turducken – Turkey Duck Chicken

Have you ever heard of Turducken? If not, you're in for a wonderful surprise, because you're about to get 3 different kinds of poultry in every mouthwatering bite. It's every meat lover's dream come true!

Get the recipe for the xxxxxxx.

Turducken – Turkey Duck Chicken

5. Stuffed Chicken Wrapped In Pastry Crust

Because nothing beats a juicy roast chicken with delicious sides, we decided to combine them all in one mouthwatering dish. If you consider yourself a meat lover, then you're in for a real treat with this hearty inside-out chicken cordon bleu that's filled with an herb stuffing AND wrapped in a flaky pastry crust!

Get the recipe for the Stuffed Chicken Wrapped In Pastry Crust.

Stuffed Chicken Wrapped In Pastry Crust

6. Thai Grilled Chicken

Chicken is a very popular dish in Thai cuisine, and whether it's spicy, sweet, or sour, the possibilities are endless. But no matter how you like it, you can't forget the most important component – lemongrass! So go ahead and try this grilled Thai chicken recipe and you'll feel just like you're on a summer vacation in Thailand.

Get the recipe for the Thai Grilled Chicken.

Thai Grilled Chicken

From our unique spiked fried chicken to our elegant roast duck, these 6 recipes are guaranteed to help you branch out when it comes to your roast dinners. Before you know it, you'll be looking forward to Sunday all week long!


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