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6 Strawberry Treats That Are Simply Delicious

6 Strawberry Treats That Are Simply Delicious
6 Strawberry Treats That Are Simply Delicious Credit: MediaPartisans

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From strawberry shortcake to strawberry pie to strawberry cobbler, there’s no shortage of strawberry desserts out there when you’re in the mood for something sweet. But some of these dishes can be a bit complicated or just too time-consuming to make when you want a strawberry treat and you need it fast. Get your fix with these 6 fast & easy recipes that will have you smacking your lips in no time.

1. Strawberry Rose Topping

Chocolate pudding is a classic, and the fact that it’s so easy to make is a huge part of its appeal. But if you want to dress it up a bit, or at least make it look like you put in way more effort than you did, all you have to do is slice up some strawberries and arrange them like rose petals on top of a nice glass bowl of pudding. Garnish with mint leaves and instantly transform a ho-hum standard into a beautiful floral arrangement.

2. Strawberry Sorbet

Freeze 16 oz of strawberries, and puree the slightly thawed fruit with 1 tbsp of honey to create a fruity fresh sorbet. Serve with blueberries for a refreshing and healthy dessert.

3. Strawberry Ice Cubes

If you’re having a hard time getting your recommended 8 glasses of water per day, you’ll love this sweet trick. Place one strawberry in each ice cube tray slot, fill with water, and freeze. Pop the frozen strawberry ice cubes in your glass of water and your drinking experience will instantly go from bland to delightful. And best of all, you can eat the strawberry once you’ve finished your drink.

4. Strawberry Pops

Let’s be honest — cake pops, while cute, are a lot of work. Strawberry pops, on the other hand, look great, taste great, are quite a bit healthier than their sugar-laden counterpart. To make your handy treats on a stick, push a wooden skewer through the top of the strawberry and cut an X into the pointed end. Gently pry open the cut tips, spray whipped cream in the center, and garnish with cookie crumbs.

5. Strawberry Puffs

5.1 Preheat the oven to 325°F and use a mug to cut out 6 circles from a sheet of puff pastry. Make 6 partial incisions in each circle.

5.2 Place one strawberry in the middle of each puff pastry circle and fold the dough flaps up around the strawberry in the order shown in the video.

5.3 Bake the strawberry puffs for 15 minutes and let cool before serving.

6. Strawberry Ladybugs

Who knew strawberries could get even better looking?! And yet somehow, they manage to be even more adorable as ladybugs! To create your cute creatures, cut the strawberries in half and use melted chocolate to decorate the surface and stick a blueberry to the top.

These 6 tricks and so amazingly sweet and simple and go a long way — less really is more!