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6 Vegetable Carvings With Cucumber

6 Vegetable Carvings With Cucumber
6 Vegetable Carvings With Cucumber Credit: MediaPartisans

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Cucumbers are underrated. In fact, people tend to look at cucumbers mostly as an afterthought. We’re here to change that narrative and are giving cucumbers the spotlight they so rightly deserve. If you’re ready for a cucumber takeover, check out our 6 incredible vegetable carvings with cucumber right here!

1. Peacock

Here’s How:

1.1 Cut a 2-inch long end piece off the cucumber including the stem and place it on a cutting board with the cut surface facing down. Then, from left and right, cut the cucumber from the stem almost to the bottom. Stop about a ½-inch above the bottom to create a base.

1.2. Then cut the middle piece to create a beak.

1.3. Insert a peppercorn above the beak on both sides for the eyes.

1.4. Cut the cut-off pieces at the pointed side into the shape of a fan (again, don’t cut all the way through). Fold in every second strip.

1.5. Place the two wings on the base and your cucumber peacock is done.

2. Rose & Leaves

Here’s How:

2.1 Cut an approximately 2-inch long middle piece of cucumber into fine slices.

2.2 Place the slices in a row and arrange them so that they overlap. Roll them up, fix them with a toothpick, and put the finished rose on a plate.

2.3 Halve another 2-inch long piece of cucumber lengthwise. Then cut another 2-inch long piece of cucumber lengthwise into the bowl.

2.4 Make cuts in the cucumber in equal intervals (but not all the way through). You can cut the complete piece into 3 pieces at the end. Use these 3 parts as leaves for the rose.

3. Flower

Here’s How:

3.1 First cut off a 2-inch end piece of cucumber. Place it on the cut surface and then cut the cucumber all around.

3.2 Cut the top of the cucumber into a star shape.

3.3 Cut off another 2-inch wide piece of cucumber and cut small longitudinal gaps in the skin of the cucumber so it has stripes all around.

3.4 Now cut off fine slices. Stick the slices into the notches of the cucumber end piece and your flower is in bloom!

4. Chain

Here’s How:

4.1 Cut off a middle piece from the cucumber and make small longitudinal cuts into the cucumber skin. Repeat this until the cucumber piece has small stripes all around.

4.2 Now pull out the inside of the cucumber and discard it.

4.3 Cut the cucumber into 1-inch thick rings. Cut into every second ring so that you can hang all the pieces together. And there’s your cucumber chain!

5. Bamboo

Here’s How:

5.1 Cut off a 3-inch piece of cucumber. Cut it in half lengthwise. Then cut it lengthwise 5 times on both sides (not all the way through). Only slightly scratch the middle piece. From the bottom upward, make 5 flat cuts on the sides. Then move the individual pieces alternately.

5.2 Fold in the 2nd and 4th of the long stalks on both sides to the middle.

5.3 And the bamboo is finished.

6. Hearts

Here’s How:

6.1 Cut off a 3-inch wide middle piece of cucumber and halve it lengthwise. Then cut one side very finely across the width of the piece (make sure the cucumber is still firmly held together). After every 4th slice, cut the cucumber all the way through.

6.2 Bend the inner two slices inward.

6.3 And the little cucumber hearts are finished!

How do you like them cucumbers? These intricate vegetable carvings look like they might be hard to pull off, but they’re surprisingly easy to make, so there’s no reason not to grab a cucumber and get to carving! You can rope in your friends, too! Have fun!