6 Cool Chocolate Decorations To Elevate Your Desserts – Part 2

With these 6 decoration ideas, every sweet treat from here on out will become an absolute showstopper. With just a few simple steps, you can transform all your desserts into real work of arts. You won't believe what all's possible with melted chocolate, bubble wrap, and wax paper.

You'll Need:

  • dark chocolate (at least 60% cacao)
  • white chocolate
  • milk chocolate

Here's How:

For all 6 of the following chocolate tricks, you'll need to first temper the chocolate. Add the coarsely chopped chocolate to a bowl and heat it at 700 watts in the microwave to about 92°F, stirring about every 20 seconds until fully melted. If you don't have a microwave, you can alternatively temper the chocolate in a water bath on the stove. Let the chocolate cool to about 88°F, stirring occasionally, before starting with the following chocolate hacks.

1. Chocolate Wreath

Position a skimmer over a plate and sieve cocoa powder through it. Wipe away the excess powder from the edge of the plate and decorate the plate as desired – chocolate whipped cream, fresh berries, nuts, small pastries, and brownies look especially nice.

2. Chocolate Seal

Freeze a stamp seal for 1 hour. Pipe small chocolate circles on a sheet of parchment paper and gently press the stamp seal into the circles. Use dark, milk, and white chocolate for a nice variety. Let the chocolate seals harden before decorating your sweets.

3. Chocolate Lace

Dip the underside of a piping tip in dark tempered chocolate and press the circle onto the plate you want to decorate. Continue making overlapping chocolate circles, working your way to the center of the plate, until you have created the finished design in the video. Garnish the chocolate lace design with small pastries and a lovely cup of espresso.

4. Chocolate Tree

Add a dollop of white chocolate and then a dollop of dark chocolate to a plate. Take the bottom of a clean glass or aluminum lid and lightly press it into the chocolate to create a beautiful chocolate painting.

5. Chocolate Flag

Cut the wax paper into 4 strips and tape the strips in a rectangular shape to a heated plate. Briefly microwave the plate once more and sprinkle some chopped dark, milk, and white chocolate in a row on the left-hand side of the plate. Wait until the chocolate has melted and spread it in one go from the left side to the right side. Allow the chocolate to set slightly, remove the wax paper strips, and decorate the plate as desired.

6. Bubble Wrap Chocolate Grid

Cut a rectangular piece out of clean bubble wrap and pour tempered dark chocolate over it. Spread the chocolate out in a thin layer and wait for it to harden. Turn the bubble wrap over and gently peel it off the chocolate. Poke out the individual holes with a straw and garnish your dessert with the chocolate grid.

You'll never have to resort to boring chocolate sprinkles again! These 6 chocolate decorating tips are sure to impress your guests and will certainly live up an after-dinner dessert, coffee and cake session, or afternoon tea party.

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