5 Hawaiian-Style Dishes With Ham And Pineapple

Hawaiian pizza is a little controversial, but if you know, you know. Its delicious combination of ham and pineapple brings sweet & salty to the next level, and we're here for it! If you're on board too, then these 5 Hawaiian-style dishes are for you. From a Hawaiian breakfast toast casserole to Hawaiian pizza pot pie, these recipes will get your taste buds saying aloha to fabulous flavor! 

1. Hawaiian Pizza Serpent

Who says there can only be one kind of pizza? That's right: no one! If you're looking to up your pizza game, the best place to start is by making your own dough from scratch. But we're not just giving you a super easy pizza dough recipe, we're also going to show you a really creative way to use said pizza dough!

Get the recipe for the Hawaiian Pizza Serpent.

Hawaiian Pizza Serpent

2. Fried Hawaiian Toast Triangles

Is fried food your jam? Do you just love biting into a crispy snack only to discover a surprise filling? Are you seriously craving some ham, cheese, and pineapple right now? If you answered yes to any of these, then these scrumptious Hawaiian fried triangles – or "fryangles," if you will – are calling your name!

Get the recipe for the Fried Hawaiian Toast Triangles.

Fried Hawaiian Toast Triangles

3. Hawaiian Pizza Pot Pie

Pizza pot pie is a style of pizza that gets made upside down in a crispy, golden crust that's baked in the shape of a bowl. Fill up a mixing bowl with plenty of ham, cheese, pineapple and a few other choice ingredients, seal the bowl with the pizza dough, and bake everything in the oven for an ingenious new take on Hawaiian pizza. Move over, deep dish – pizza pot pie is Chicago's real claim to fame!

Get the recipe for the Hawaiian Pizza Pot Pie.

Hawaiian Pizza Pot Pie

4. Hawaiian Toast Breakfast Casserole

You've most definitely had French toast before, but have you ever had Hawaiian toast? Featuring ham, pineapple, and cheese, it just can't miss, and you'll especially love the layered casserole presentation that will let you feed your whole family with one dish! 

Get the recipe for the Hawaiian Toast Breakfast Casserole.

Hawaiian Toast Breakfast Casserole

5. Hawaiian Toastioli

There's no better comfort food than ravioli – after all, what's not to love about a cheesy filling wrapped in delicious carbs and smothered in sauce? But if you want to get creative with the dish in half the time, you should give toastioli a try: toast + ravioli = toastioli. Not to mention the delicious ham & pineapple filling. Sounds great and tastes even better! 

Get the recipe for the Hawaiian Toastioli.

Hawaiian Toastioli

As it turns out, Hawaiian pizza is just the beginning. Stock up on ham and pineapple the next time you're at the grocery store so that you can give all 5 of these amazing recipes a try!


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