5 Crazy Candy Bars

Everyone needs to indulge once in a while, and what better way to do that than with your favorite candy bar? There's a little sweet tooth in all of us, and who can resist the delicious, rich calling of chocolate in all of its gooey, nougaty, caramel-filled forms? We've decided to kick things up a notch and bring you 5 of your favorite chocolate bars in XXL form. These giant Twix, Kit Kat, and Kinder chocolate bar recipes will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. It's time to treat yourself in a HUGE way!

1. Giant Kinder Chocolate Bar

Kinder chocolate bars are the perfect sweet, chocolatey, creamy snack wherever you are – at school, at work, or on the go. The only drawback is that they're a bit on the small side, meaning that you can basically inhale them in one bite. Of course we had to solve that problem, so we came up with a giant Kinder chocolate bar that you can make at home! Get the recipe for the Giant Kinder Chocolate Bar.

Giant Kinder Chocolate Bar

2. XXL Twix Bar

Ok, we have to admit it – sometimes size does matter. In the candy world, chocolate bars are just as diverse as the people who eat them. But with bar sizes becoming increasingly smaller over the years, it's a shame that there never seems to be enough chocolatey goodness in one package. We just want more! But today we have some great news for Twix fans, because we'll be solving this all-too-common problem with some supersized baking. One of these bars is more than enough! Get the recipe for the XXL Twix Bar.

XXL Twix

3. King-Size Kit Kat Bar

Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar! A giant among chocolate bars, Kit Kat is one of those sweet treats that needs no introduction. Kit Kat bars are fairly simple – it's just a few layers of crispy wafer covered in melt-in-your-mouth chocolate. But simple or not, they taste incredible! We decided to create a giant version of the beloved chocolate bar that contains 10 fluffy Belgian waffles enveloped by a smooth chocolate cream and encased in tempered chocolate. Get the recipe for the King-Size Kit Kat Bar.

King-Size Kit Kat Bar

4. Jumbo Chocolate Kinder Joy Egg

Chocolate eggs are always fun, even when it isn't Easter. That's why we've decided to take inspiration from Europe, where an Italian tradition of hiding toys inside chocolate eggs for children led to the creation of a range of candies that are popular all year round. The best thing about our version is that it's jumbo-sized, so you'll be able to indulge all the chocolate and hazelnut fans around you! Get the recipe for the Jumbo Chocolate Kinder Joy Egg.

Kinder Surprise Egg Filled With Cocoa Wafer Bits

5. Huge Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate Bar

Imagine a giant candy bar filled with a creamy Greek yogurt and fresh strawberry filling, covered in chocolate to give it that extra bit of crunch. Fresh, rich, and creamy – does it sound too good to be true? Well you're in luck, because you can try this gorgeous combination of flavors with this recipe! Get the recipe for the Huge Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate Bar.

Huge Strawberry Yogurt Chocolate Bar

These giant candy bars are really a sight to behold. And not only do they look amazing, they make a great sweet treat for guests or on special occasions. Plus, now you won't get grumpy when someone asks for a bite of your candy bar!


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