5 Fun Foods On A Stick

There are plenty of delicious foods that get even better when they're served on a stick: popsicles, corn dogs, shish kabobs, we could go on and on! Sure, these dishes taste great all on their own, but serving them on a stick brings a whole new dimension to eating them – it's convenient, there's less mess, and it makes everything way more dippable. We absolutely love this culinary trend, so we've come up with 5 fun-to-eat savory food pops! We're taking stuffed peppers, fried hot dogs, and even pasta off of the table and onto the stick!

1. Bacon-Wrapped Armadillo Egg Pops

You've probably heard of scotch eggs before, but have you ever heard of armadillo eggs? If not, you're in for a real treat! While similar to scotch eggs, armadillo eggs add an extra special layer of stuffed pepper. We've taken a few liberties and stuffed these mini sweet peppers with cheese and eggs, wrapped them in ground beef, and then wrapped them again in bacon. Prepare to have your mind blown by 5 layers of explosive flavor! Get the recipe for the Bacon-Wrapped Armadillo Eggs.

Bacon-Wrapped Armadillo Eggs

2. Fried Pasta Shell Bites On A Stick

Doesn't fried food on a stick take you right back to your childhood and warm summer days at the state fair? You may have tried a lot of different carnival food over the years, but we doubt you've ever had something this good before. Deep-fried jumbo pasta shells stuffed with hearty meatballs or creamy cheese balls – life just doesn't get better than this! Get the recipe for the Fried Pasta Shell Bites On A Stick.

Fried Pasta Shell Bites On A Stick

3. Beef Shish Kabobs Wrapped In Cheese

Shish kabobs are a standby dish once grill season rolls around. Their tender, meaty deliciousness is skewered, marinated, and grilled to absolute perfection. This recipe is for a classic kabob, the Lebanese kafta, which features beef wrapped in cheese, coated with crispy fried onions, and served with a homemade mint yogurt sauce. If you're gearing up for BBQ season and want to impress all of your friends, this delicious recipe is the way to go! Get the recipe for the Beef Shish Kabobs Wrapped In Cheese.

Beef Shish Kabobs Wrapped In Cheese

4. Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs On A Stick

A hot dog is the ideal snack any time of day. Whether you pick one up from a hot dog stand or make them yourself at home, they're always delicious and super convenient. If you're into hot dogs as much as we are, you should definitely try this fun, unique spin on the classic version. This particular hot dog gets wrapped in cheese, breaded, and deep fried for an added crunch. But the cherry on top is its appearance – it actually looks like an adorable little octopus! Get the recipe for the Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs On A Stick.

Cheesy Fried Hot Dogs On A Stick

5. Deep-Fried Lasagna Pops

Snacks are an integral part of any get-together, but it can be hard to find the perfect party snack for informal gatherings  especially ones where you'll be walking and eating simultaneously. The most important thing is to bring along something that's tasty, creative, fun, and easy to both serve and eat. That's where lasagna on a stick comes in! You'll be able to serve an original twist on a classic meal and have fun doing it! Get the recipe for the Deep-Fried Lasagna Pops.

Deep-Fried Lasagna Pops

Cake pops and corn dogs? Yesterday's news! These savory, fun foods on a stick are super satisfying and make the perfect finger food or appetizer for any dinner party or get-together. Plus, you never know what new creative finger food ideas might POP into your head!


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