5 Sweet Treats With Flower Power

Every year we look forward to it: the start of the spring season! While shaking off the cold cobwebs of winter might take a little bit of time, these 5 dessert recipes are here to speed up the process and get you looking forward to the sunny days ahead. Inspired by gorgeous blooming flowers, each and every one of these stunning desserts tastes as colorful and bright as it looks. Tap into these sweet treats' flower power and catch spring fever!

1. Layered Fruit Flower Cake

Is there such a thing as too many cake recipes? In our humble opinion, the answer's going to be an emphatic no! And because we love them so much, we've come up with a recipe that combines all of our favorite cake elements: moist sponge cake layers, rich white chocolate cream, and refreshing kiwi, strawberry, and orange slices. Plus, this cake is a total looker! Beautifully arranged slices of fruit come together to form colorful flowers, making this sweet treat a truly unique dessert. Get the recipe for the Layered Fruit Flower Cake.

Layered Fruit Flower Cake

2. Neapolitan Rose Cake

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry have been good friends since the dawn of time. This classic flavor trio makes for a heavenly combination, not just in Neapolitan ice cream, but also in this recipe for a gorgeous Neapolitan rose cake. Layers of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry cake get stacked on top of each other and covered in stunning buttercream frosting roses. Put this cake in the center of the table at your next dinner party, and it's so beautiful that you won't need any other decorations! Get the recipe for the Neapolitan Rose Cake.

Neapolitan Rose Cake

3. Sunflower Cake With Fudge Brigadeiros & Mango Cream Frosting

Boy, do we have something for all those crazy kids who just can't stop baking cakes. In this recipe, we're hiding a Brazilian surprise called brigadeiros inside the cake! Brigadeiros are type of thick, rich Brazilian fudge that we're tucking away inside a deliciously moist bundt cake. To top everything off and give it a fun twist, there's also a refreshing mango cream frosting that goes on top. Once you put all these elements together, you'll end up with a cake that looks just like a sunflower, perfect for the sunny days ahead! Get the recipe for the Sunflower Cake.

Sunflower Cake With Brazilian Fudge Brigadeiros & Mango Cream Frosting

4. Strawberry Flower Cake Roll With Cream Cheese Frosting

If you've ever had a Swiss cake roll, then you know these light and fluffy cakes are filled with plenty of rich cream. They also get rolled up snugly, creating a beautiful spiral pattern. But we figured, why not make the outside of the cake look just as beautiful as the inside? We've dyed the cake batter 3 different colors and used special cutting and baking techniques to create a stunning floral patter that makes this delectable cake blossom! Get the recipe for the Strawberry Flower Cake Roll.

Strawberry Flower Cake Roll With Cream Cheese Frosting

5. Flower Fried Dough With Homemade Lemon Curd

Decadent desserts always have their place, but sometimes light, refreshing sweets are the way to go. These fried dough flowers topped with homemade lemon curd are the light, airy, fresh desserts you've been waiting for! The soft, yet crispy texture of the fried dough combines perfectly with the citrusy lemon curd, and it all comes together in the shape of an adorable flower. These easy-to-make fried dough flowers are as bright as the spring sunshine you'll be serving them under! Get the recipe for the Flower Fried Dough.

Flower Fried Dough With Homemade Lemon Curd

These colorful, delicious dessert recipes are guaranteed to put a big smile on everyone's faces. Break out those deck chairs and dust off the balcony, because you'll want to enjoy these sweet treats outside under the sun!


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