5 Colorful Jello Cakes

There's just something about jello that takes you straight back to your childhood, and despite what anyone else might say, you're never too old to play with your food. After all, jello is such a fun dessert – it's meant to be wacky, colorful, and creative, and it never fails to instill joy in everyone, which is why we chose to highlight it by featuring our 5 most beautiful jello cakes. With desserts this colorful and tasty, there's always room for jello!

1. Jello Tree Cake With Fresh Berries & Mint

One of the great things about jello is how flexible an ingredient it is. It tastes great, plus it can be used to make all kinds of colorful shapes and designs. This no-bake jello tree cake makes use of that versatility to make some seriously gorgeous, seriously delicious food art. We're bringing together multiple layers of fruity jello, jello pudding, and fresh mint and berries to form the shape of a gorgeous tree. We've seen some impressive desserts in our time, but this one just might take the cake! Get the recipe for the Jello Tree Cake.

Jello Tree Cake With Fresh Berries & Mint

2. Bubble Wrap Cheesecake With Raspberry & Kiwi Lime Jello Layers

No-bake jello cake? Don't mind if we do! This cake is colorful, super fun, and most importantly, really delicious. It just radiates joy in its purest form. Sure, this recipe is a little more intricate, but the results are so worth it. Forget about no-bake chocolate cake and explore new territory with this crazy delicious creation using a secret weapon: bubble wrap! Get the recipe for the Bubble Wrap Jello Cheesecake.

Bubble Wrap Cheesecake With Raspberry & Kiwi Lime Jello Layers

3. Gummy Bear Jello Cake

Jello – you either love it or hate it! But for most people, this wobbly dessert can only mean one thing: pure nostalgia. It reminds them of awesome birthday parties, summer carnivals as a kid, or simply a dessert grandma used to make. Our recipe will show you just how easy it is to magic up a tasty dessert using jello and a couple of bags of gummy bears! Get the recipe for the Gummy Bear Jello Cake.

Gummy Bear Jello Cake

4. Stained Glass Jello Cake

It's a given that dessert should taste great, but we think that it should look great, too! This quick and easy no-bake cake is not only fruity and delicious, it looks absolutely stunning! Multi-colored pieces of fruity jello peek out from a creamy pineapple cream base to make this cake look like a stained glass window, reflecting all of its colorful deliciousness right onto the tip of your tongue! Impress everyone at the neighborhood BBQ or keep it all for yourself – wherever you eat it, it's sure to light up your taste buds! Get the recipe for the Stained Glass Jello Cake.

Stained Glass Jello Cake

5. Magical Floating Jello Cake

Cakes are a delicious part of celebrating special occasions, but sometimes it's hard to find the right recipe to make your cake stand out from all the others. This magical floating cake is the perfect recipe to help you do just that! Aside from its delicious taste, this dessert looks almost too stunning to be real. Thanks to a special layering technique using transparent jello, this cake looks like a piece of it is suspended in the air, just waiting to be eaten up! Get the recipe for the Magical Floating Jello Cake.

Magical Floating Jello Cake

What are you waiting for?! Grab a box of jello and get started on these desserts!


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