5 Cake Rolls For Dessert Lovers

The idea of the cake roll goes way back. The popular treat we know and love was first mentioned in Austrian cookbooks around 1804 and has been taking the world by storm ever since! It's no wonder they've stayed popular for so long – that light, airy sponge cake base smothered in a sweet, creamy filling and topped off with fresh fruit or chocolate is dessert perfection. That's why we're bringing you 5 cake roll recipes that keep the tradition alive and better than ever!

1. Giraffe Cake Roll

One of the best fruits to pair with a light, fluffy cake exterior is the banana. Its tangy, delicious flavor compliments the simple taste of the cake exterior perfectly, and in this recipe, a homemade cream cheese frosting really brings the flavor home! But the best part isn't even the flavor  it's the zany giraffe print design! It's cute, it's fun, and it's surprisingly easy to make, so dig in and get ready for a safari of flavor! Get the recipe for the Giraffe Cake Roll.

Giraffe Cake Roll

2. Raspberry Cake Roll

There are few things better than ending a meal with a nice slice of cake roll. For this particular recipe, we went into raspberry overdrive and picked a ton of our favorite berries. We even made a homemade raspberry jam for the filling, and absolutely covered the cake in a fresh raspberry coating. It's a berry delicious note to end on! Get the recipe for the Raspberry Cake Roll.

Raspberry Cake Roll

3. Caramel Apple Cake Roll

When most people think of apple desserts, their mind immediately jumps to apple pie. But if you haven't had apple cake yet, you've really been missing out. This is no ordinary apple cake – it's a chocolate Swiss cake roll filled with sautéed apples, cinnamon cream, and caramel sauce that will have you begging for more! Get the recipe for the Caramel Apple Cake Roll.

Caramel Apple Cake Roll

4. Tangerine Cake Roll

The great thing about tangerines is that you can buy them all year round. And because the this dessert recipe combines the delicious citrus fruit with a light yogurt cream and fluffy cake, that means you're going to want to eat it all year round, too! Not only is it a delicious way to eat tangerines, this cake roll looks absolutely stunning both inside and out. Finally, a fun way to load up on vitamins every day! Get the recipe for the Tangerine Cake Roll.

Tangerine Cake Roll

5. Strawberry Flower Cake Roll

Swiss cake rolls are usually known for their gorgeous spiral design that comes from the light cake exterior being rolled up with all of the sweet fillings inside. It admittedly looks great when you slice into it, but we figured, why not make the outside of the cake look just as beautiful?! In this recipe, 3 brightly colored batters transform the exterior into a floral print wonderland that really lets this delectable cake blossom! Get the recipe for the Strawberry Flower Cake Roll.

Strawberry Flower Cake Roll

These cake rolls are light and airy, intensely flavorful, and gorgeous to look at! No matter who you're trying to impress, even if it's just yourself,  you can't go wrong with any of these 5 recipes!


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