5 Berry Delicious Cakes

The temperatures are going up and the days are getting longer, so that must mean that summer is finally on the horizon! Better yet, that means it's time for the summer dishes to start rolling in! Firing up the grill is great, but just as amazing are the fresh fruits that start popping up just in time for picnics and backyard BBQs. We're especially excited about fresh berries making their big comeback in summer dishes and these 5 berry delicious cake recipes are serving up some serious sunshiny vibes. Summertime blues? More like summertime blueberries!

1. Triple Berry Funnel Cake

Oh funnel cake, how we love you! Usually, you can only get your hands on this sweet, fried delight at county or state fairs, but thanks to this recipe, you'll be able to make your own right at home! That being said, this isn't your box standard funnel cake – this one is made up of 3 funnel cake layers covered with coconut cream and fresh mixed berries. Why go to the fair when you can bring the fair to you?! Get the recipe for the Triple Berry Funnel Cake.

Triple Berry Funnel Cake

2. Mixed Berry Yellow Cake

Cake recipes are basically a dime a dozen, aren't they? There are so many different kinds of cakes to choose from that it's hard to decide which one to bake. But if you want to really impress your guests, stick 5 glasses in your cake and watch what happens. This cake filled with mixed berries is not just a looker, it also tastes divine while still being super easy to make. Need we say more?! Get the recipe for the Mixed Berry Yellow Cake.

Mixed Berry Yellow Cake

3. Berry-Stuffed Crêpe Cake

If you're lucky enough to have visited a crêpe stand in the past, then you know just how amazing the ultra-thin sister to the pancake is – especially when it's filled with something sweet. We're taking dessert food to a whole new level with this layered crêpe cake stuffed with sweet berries, fluffy mascarpone cream, and creamy chocolate! Get the recipe for the Berry-Stuffed Crêpe Cake.

Berry-Stuffed Crêpe Cake

4. Berries & Cream Angel Food Cake

Angel food cake is the best friend of anyone with a sweet tooth who's trying to watch their weight. Light and fluffy, airy and delicious – this is truly the cake of your dreams, made even better in this recipe with the addition of fresh fruit and a creamy vanilla pudding layer. Eating lighter never looked and tasted so good! Get the recipe for the Berries & Cream Angel Food Cake

Berries & Cream Angel Food Cake

5. Wild Berry Waffle Cone Cake

Ice cream cake is one of the yummiest treats out there, and it's not just for kids! While there's no denying classic ice cream cake's deliciousness, there are always more summery desserts to discover. This waffle cone cake featuring white chocolate mousse, wild berries, and chocolate ganache is the next delicious milestone in dessert decadence! Get the recipe for the Wild Berry Waffle Cone Cake.

Wild Berry Waffle Cone Cake

These delicious cake ideas are the perfect sweet treats to brighten up any summer's day. They're the perfect compliment to the rest of the amazing dishes the season has to offer, and they'll certainly stand out at any shindig or cookout!


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