5 Bacon And Egg Breakfast Recipes

We've all had bacon & eggs for breakfast before, but why stop there? They make such a great pair that we think these 2 choice ingredients should be used in all sorts of fun, delicious ways! Whether you're looking for the ultimate breakfast sandwich or something more experimental, like a sushi breakfast roll, these 5 bacon & egg breakfast recipes are here to make the most important meal of the day also the most delicious one!

1. One-Pan Breakfast Sandwich

If you're starting your mornings off with eggs with a side of bacon and toast, you've been doing it all wrong! This recipe will prove that bacon, eggs, and toast are best eaten in 1 combined dish – in the form of a delicious and innovative breakfast sandwich!

Get the recipe for the One-Pan Breakfast Sandwich.

One-Pan Breakfast Sandwich

2.–3. Bacon Egg Cups & Bacon Egg Tacos

When you think of your dream breakfast, what comes to mind? We're willing to bet that bacon is up there on the list of breakfast foods you just can't get enough of. Crispy, crunchy, sizzling, salty – bacon really is one of the best ingredients out there! To help you get your fill of this delicious breakfast staple, check out these inventive recipes that use bacon as the main ingredient!

Get the recipes for the Bacon Egg Cups & Bacon Egg Tacos.

Bacon Egg Cups & Bacon Egg Tacos

4.–5. Easy Egg Salad & Sushi Bacon Egg Roll

Our love for eggs knows no bounds. Eggs are the perfect base for hundreds of culinary classics, but we won't bore you with the classics today – you've seen those before. We're all about innovation here and we constantly strive to come up with exciting new ways to eat eggs. Case in point: these eggciting egg recipes!

Get the recipes for the Easy Egg Salad & Sushi Bacon Egg Roll.

Easy Egg Salad & Sushi Bacon Egg Roll

Power up your breakfast with these 5 bacon & egg recipes! There's no better way to start the day than with a tasty, energizing home-cooked meal. 


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