4 Simply Genius Waffle Iron Recipes: Mozzarella Stick Pizza Waffles, Cheesy Pretzel Waffles, Mac & Cheese Waffles, And Cinnamon Roll Waffles

There are certain items and utensils that every kitchen should have, like a toaster or an immersion blender, for example. Another kitchen appliance that should be considered essential is the waffle iron. If you think that you can only make plain waffles with this particular utensil, you're wrong – there are tons of creative ways you can use it, and the results are guaranteed to be delicious! With these 4 brilliant ways to use a waffle iron, you're going to find out how to make mozzarella stick pizza waffles, cinnamon roll waffles, and more. Need we say more?

1. Mozzarella Stick Pizza Waffle

You'll Need:

  • cooked mozzarella sticks
  • marinara sauce
  • parmesan
  • pepperoni slices
  • basil leaves

Here's How:

Put the cooked mozzarella sticks on the waffle iron and close it. As soon as the cheese starts to bubble up on the sides, open the waffle iron. Spread marinara sauce over the flattened sticks and sprinkle parmesan over the top. Garnish with a few pepperoni slices and fresh basil leaves.

2. Cheesy Pretzel Waffle

You'll Need:

  • soft pretzel
  • shredded mozzarella
  • chives

Here's How:

Cut the soft pretzel in half and spread shredded mozzarella over one half. Put the pretzel back together, put it on the waffle iron, close the lid, and bake it. Serve your delicious cheesy pretzel waffle with some fresh chives.

3. Mac & Cheese Waffle

You'll Need:

  • cooked macaroni and cheese
  • bacon
  • crispy fried onions
  • chives

Here's How:

Put the cooked mac & cheese on the waffle iron and bake it until crispy and golden brown. In the meantime, fry the bacon and then serve the mac & cheese waffle with bacon, crispy fried onions, and chives.

4. Cinnamon Roll Waffle

You'll Need:

  • thawed cinnamon rolls
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 cup powdered sugar

Here's How:

Grease the waffle iron, put the thawed cinnamon rolls in, and close the lid. Mix the lemon juice with the powdered sugar and pour the homemade icing over the cinnamon roll waffle before serving.

4 Simply Genius Waffle Iron Recipes: Mozzarella Stick Pizza Waffles, Cheesy Pretzel Waffles, Mac & Cheese Waffles & Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Now if you don't already own a waffle iron, it's about high time you got one. Get in the kitchen and start making one of these genius waffle iron recipes – how about that mac & cheese waffle for starters? Bon appetit!

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